My Top 5 Goals for 2022

  1. Mary says:

    Gosh, I resonated so much with everything in this post! I really love the idea of breaking goals into quarters because so often priorities shift through out the year, and certain things are no longer important.
    Agree whole heartedly on home keeping. It just provides such a source of peace too.
    Have you heard of Nancy Ray’s contentment challenge? I think you’d love it based off what you wrote! I am doing a modified version right now!

  2. Em says:

    I love these goals so much, Jill! And love the quarterly focus. Scripture memorization is a focus for me and my family this year, too. A few of the books I’ve read recently that might be fun to add to your TBR list: The Self-Driven Child (the title turned me off for a long time but I LOVED it), Being Mortal (such good perspective and conversation fodder), The Psychology of Money (an easy, engrossing read and maybe fun to read together with your husband!), and for fiction, The Dearly Beloved and The Dutch House were two of my favorites from last year!

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