My Top Purchases of 2018

It’s 2019! It’s a weird sci-fi thing to say and very wild to think we’ll be in the year 2020 next year. Very Zenon (I hope ‘Supernova Girl is stuck in your head for the rest of the day). I love reflecting on my best purchases of the year to see which items made the biggest impact across the board. From the quick, impulsive AmazonPrime purchases to the items that I spent years considering, comparing and hoping for–here are my best purchases of the year. 

Molekule Air Purifier:

This thing changed our lives. Oshiolema has struggled with a pretty sensitive respiratory system and struggled through what felt like month long colds. Allergy season last spring left us searching for solutions and in O’s research he found this. We’ve left the air purifier in his room since moving to Dallas and it’s been a game changer for his health (and our peace of mind!) It’s an investment that takes time to consider and truly weigh but it’s worth its weight in gold in our house.

Olaplex No. 3

I’d been wanting to try Olaplex-a super concentrated hair bond-builder-for years and I’m so glad I made it part of my routine. Olaplex is a multi-step system but No. 3 is the only one you can use yourself at home. I keep it on for as many hours as possible to let my hair soak up all the deep conditioning and restorative properties before washing and styling hair that feels brand new.

H&M Sweater

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again-best.sweater.ever. $29, cozy beyond belief and neutral enough to wear many (many) times a week. I love that so many of you fell in love with this sweater too and share photos of it with me!

Sweet Laurel Cookbook

I’ve shared numerous times throughout this year the ways this cookbook impacted me. In a year where my health turned my diet upside down, the comfort I found in the recipes Laurel shares felt like finding a treasure chest. Whether you have an autoimmune disease and need to cut grains, soy, refined sugar and dairy from your diet or you’re just looking to eat cleaner without sacrificing sweet treats-this one’s for you.

Glass Food Storage

I’ve been cutting plastic from our home and lives slowly but surely over the years but this was the year of the big push. With Hashimoto’s, plastic is a big no-no, but plastic Tupperware is easy to buy on last minute Target runs and re-buy when lids go missing.  I did my best to not purchase a single plastic food container in 2018 and this glass kit has been the MVP of food storage! I also enjoyed this stunning set this year as well.

Secura Milk Frother

I have Hunter to thank for this one! O gifted it to me as a surprise one morning and it felt unnecessary but this one inexpensive gift has brought me SO much joy this year. I fell in love with it when I was still drinking coffee to froth my coconut cream every morning but after giving up coffee, I still used it every morning and night to froth cream for my tea. As O says, this makes tea “luxurious” and it’s a delight I looked forward to after putting the babes to bed every evening. (Note-my current creamer in the photo above is completely free of added sugar and much lighter than the rich, wonderfully indulgent coconut creamer I used to use. Somehow, this frother STILL makes it feel like a treat!)

Beauty Counter Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage

This was the year I transitioned to clean skincare and makeup. I’ve worn the same tinted moisturizer for years so that felt the most difficult to replace but I’ve been so happy with the Beauty Counter’s version. It’s like your skin-but better. Very light, very sheer and hydrating while still making me feel put together and hiding imperfections-it’s the only foundation I own and I’m not looking for a new one any time soon.

1.2 Canon Camera Lens

This lens was on the wishlist for a long time and it’s been a pure delight this year. I talked more about it in my camera breakdown post here.

Kosas Lipstick

Packing up my lipsticks and glosses I’ve collected over the years and saying goodbye was brutal. I didn’t know quite what to expect from natural lipstick but Kosas has my favorite formula yet. I absolutely love this creamy, luxurious formula and ‘Thrillest’ is my perfect red.

Bang & Olufsen Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

I was hesitant about using noise cancelling headphones for years because O’s BOSE pair gave me a headache for whatever reason. While I still prefer my in-ear headphones for working out, If I learned one thing from working at home in 2018 it’s that mama needs some noise cancelling tech. These are an investment but are stunning, so comfortable and definitely mask outside noise.

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  • Trayce 3 years ago Reply

    These is a great list of lifestyle improvement items and I plan to purchase a few of them. Thanks for sharing!

    Jill 3 years ago Reply

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Trayce!!

  • Trayce 3 years ago Reply

    Sorry for the typo. It should say “This” is a great list…

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