Nordstrom Sale Picks

It’s that time of year again-where we are all positively inundated with Nordstrom Sale posts. It’s the one time of year to save on colder weather essentials before they return to their regular price.  To be honest, very few things caught my eye this year. I feel less and less of a rush to purchase every year which is a wonderful thing. I still wanted to gather up a small list of my favorite items, share things I already own and love and things I purchased the other day. 

Things I already own and love:

First things first-MY PAJAMAS ARE INCLUDED IN THE SALE! I didn’t mean to yell at you, but this is important. The softest, coziest pajamas in the world-I guarantee it. I have the big blanket in my room and waited years to get it but it was absolutely worth both the hype and the wait. I also have the plush baby blanket as it was Oshiolema’s lovey as a baby. He still uses it to this day and my sister recently gave Zeameh a white one which reminded me just how much I love it. I bought one more to keep on hand as a gift because they almost never go on sale. The Olaplex treatment has completely transformed my hair in its brittle and weak state and the hair tools I get asked about so often are all included in the sale as well.

I’ve had the extendable Longchamp bag for 10 years and it’s so versatile I reach for it nearly every time we travel. Also, this underwear is one of my absolute favorites. I bought it as a cozier option last year and ended up snagging tons of colors. They’re that good.

Things I purchased from the sale:

I got another blanket for the couch since I’m so protective over mine that I don’t let it leave my room, silk pillowcases to protect my curls and a couple other things.

Favorites that caught my eye but don’t need (and therefore, didn’t purchase!)

I hope you find something you needed right here!

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