One Outfit, Two Hats

I always unintentionally end up in some sort of uniform this time of year. I wear the same outfit more than once a week and hope I don’t run into the same people because when it comes to Fall, I like what I like. Enter: the hat. 

blue hat: Janessa Leone. (also here.) green hat: (i’ve had this for years and still reach for it all the time) Rag & Bone. top: Sezane. Jeans: Mother.

The best thing thing about a good hat is being able to totally change the feel of an outfit. The same white top and jeans can instantly be transformed to either casual or fancy by a hat. I wanted to wear the same outfit and show how the feel of the outfit changes with two of my favorite hats.

I have a growing hat collection and while I certainly will pick up an inexpensive one every now and then, I’ve found that making the investment in quality hats make all the difference. When I travel (or the kids sit on them) they keep their shape perfectly and while I’ve had some of these hats for many years, they still look brand spankin’ new.

My two all-time favorite hat brands are Janessa Leone (the blue hat) and Rag & Bone (the army green hat.)

Janessa Leone hats are definitely investment pieces but just one of these in your arsenal will secure you for life. I reached a point a couple years ago where every time I’d see someone in a hat I liked while flipping through a magazine, I’d find out it’s Janessa Leone. The shapes of these hats are unique enough to stand out as special but simple enough to be worth the investment-they’re never gimmicky or trendy.

more Janessa Leone favorites:

Rag & Bone hats are always cool and classic. My head is on the bigger side and I love that they’re made in three sizes instead of having to wedge a too-small hat on…but don’t put me past that, I’ll do it if my hair is that bad! Rag & Bone is a favorite brand of mine all around-especially for jeans- so of course they mastered the hat department too.

more Rag & Bone picks:

here are some of my favorite Fall and Winter hats under $100

photography by Paula B






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