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Happy Friday! Did the whole Halloween on a Tuesday thing throw anyone else off? Every day after it let me down because I was convinced it was the weekend. I shared a bit of Halloween goodness over on Instagram  but I had to share some of these photos here because they just make me that happy!

We were 80’s jazzercisers and I had so much fun gathering all the bits and bobs for this costume. Aside from me opening the bodysuit  and realizing it was a thong rather than the full back it claimed to be- not exactly what I had in mind for a family block party- everything went on without a hitch.

I took Oshiolema to choose his own costume to trick-or-treat in and after much deliberation, he chose a red DinoTrux number. I’m happy to report that though he genuinely would not stop asking talking about his costume and an hour of the day couldn’t pass without him asking to put it on, once he slipped into that vintage sweatsuit and sweatband he asked if he could wear it all night. Dream. come. true.

I mean, look at how hype he is in all these photos! (of course, when daddy took him trick-or-treating he changed and was happier than ever.)

these cuties surprised me and came trick-or-treating at our house!

Keogena wasn’t into it at all, but that didn’t stop her from being the cutest thing to strut in leg warmers e v e r. I figure I have one more Halloween to dress her up in this randomness before she’s insisting on being Moana or Elsa or whatever Disney girlboss will be ruling the world by then.

We’re going to stay close to home for our family day tomorrow and I have plans to get lots of painting done for Christmas merchandise and doing tons of curating for all the Holiday Gift Guides to come. This woman+ wife+ mom + writer+ blogger + artist thing is throwing everything it’s got at me, but I’m workin’ guys, and really enjoying the process. I’m determined to make three more of myself and I’ll report back on how that goes! (I’m now picturing how wonderful life would be if that were true. Sigh.)

What are your weekend plans? Are you already in full-swing Christmas mode or are you holding tight to the day after Thanksgiving rule like O is forcing us to do?


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