Oshiolema’s Birth Story

  1. Kerbie Lee says:

    Hey jill, loved your story! Just 11 days ago me and josh had our third baby, a boy! Every birth is an adventure all its own. This one was especially emotional for me aa it is our first son. Ive wanted and asked Fod for a boy for years. We've been blessed with two beautiful girls, and now a truly waited for gift, a boy. I found Isaiah 43 three years ago while having post partum depression after our second girl. It is literally what gets me through some days, especially this past pregnancy and birth of our boy. I struggled with doubts and fear this pregnancy and embracing what God is doing NOW and how he's delivered and provided for me is what gives me hope. Every day I embrace that verse, to be present in every moment and see what Gods doing in me and for me. And in the tough moments, especially labor and birth, God is good and is the one giving you strenth to endure. Happy for you Jill, from one mommy to another!
    Kerbie 🙂

  2. Bree says:

    Loved this!! Every birth is unique, I have 3 boys, and like every first time momma, I had an all natural delivery planned….in my head, hahaha, my uterus on the other hand had differing thoughts and after a long, long time had to have a c-section very much against my will. My 2nd was a text book delivery, I was very calm, knew and came to grips with the pain while pregnant, a couple pushes and he was here. My 3rd….let's just say I don't know where that calmy, cool, collected lady went but I cried, moaned very, very loudly. I was sure was done having children, because I didn't know if I was gonna survive that experience. Now, my youngest is 18 months, and I crazily enough, I find myself desiring to have just one more. The pain and details fade, but what stays is our inherent desire to mother and nurture.

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