San. Fran. Cisco

I’d like to think that San Francisco missed me while I was gone. Friends back home let me in on the weather situation almost daily: rain, gray, rain.

Well, now that I am back the tears have stopped and the sun is out to stay! (For a week at least, monumental.) The only problem with that is I am currently sitting inside a classroom. Me + Sunshine + Classroom is almost an unsolvable equation. I do realize that this Fashion Marketing class will be important for my career, and that knowing the significance of the product, promotion, price, and such will need to be embedded in my brain. But the trouble is, this class is at the Pier

A white room with white walls and seven large windows overlooks the ocean, and the pier busy with its clam chowder and souvenir shops, cameras and seals and tourists. This room full of young fashionable women eager to learn wouldn’t be all that different without me in it, right? So although I will sit through the next three hours…yes, three…My mind isn’t really here. It’s on a bench near the water, with a crab cake in my hand, sunglasses on my face, and sketchbook in my lap. 

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