September Favorites

September was a beautiful whirlwind of a month. Like most of you, it meant the new school year started and with it came a whole new routine to adjust to. Finally, at the very end of it, we are completely settled into the schedule and Fall just feels so wonderful already. Before we jump into October with both feet, I’m reflecting back on the things I watched, ate, read, listened to and wore in September. Here we go!

: September was a month of transition and in that transition, my reading was all but nonexistent. I’m currently doing an Acts Bible study with my church, The Village, so in addition to my regular Bible reading, I’ll be reading and re-reading Acts through November.

Eating: It’s still painfully hot in Dallas but that won’t stop me from making all the Fall things. I made this beef stew for the first time since 2016 in September and it was just as wonderful as I remembered. I subbed almond flour for the regular recommended in the recipe and it turned out perfectly. Also, the True Food Fall menu is out (O’s vegan butternut squash pizza pictured above) and I want to eat there every single day. If you live near one, please go get the butternut squash soup this very minute.

I’ve also fully given into my sweet tooth after spending so many months this year without having any sugar whatsoever. I didn’t eat anything pumpkin this month, but I have my eye on this Sweet Laurel (always grain-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar-free for me) Pumpkin Loaf and I can’t even wait to make these Vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls for O and the kids. I’ll sub 1 to 1 gluten-free flour and that always works like a charm in Minimalist Baker recipes

I’ve worn a whole lot of activewear this month. Between homeschooling and school drop-off I got in a bit of a funk but now I’m back on my feet and motivated to put on “real” clothes more days a week than not. If you missed it, I did kick off my “What I Really Wore This Week” series (which I’m so thankful so many of you are as excited as I am about!)

I also got SO many questions about this terra-cotta sweater (which I have Hunter to thank for.) You’ll be happy to know I got it at Target for $19! This color is sold out online but I’ve seen the gray in person and it’s my next purchase. So. good. You can scoop it up here)

Here are some of the other items I have my eye on for fall:

Watching: I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I can’t stop watching these “trying everything on the menu” videos. I actually prefer the Bon Appetit versions and this one in particular is my favorite. I think since I have so many food restrictions somehow watching other people indulge so excessively is just plain satisfying. Sure, I always end up so hungry and pooosssibly craving pizza somehow every single time but it’s just blissful.

I realize now after reviewing my past few “Watching” sections that it appears I pretty much only watch food videos so, for good measure, I love peeking into the lives of people much more successful and busy than I am. That combined with my love for ballet made this the loveliest.

I also discovered the FULL series of Mad About You on Youtube and I can’t quite express how happy this show makes me. I watched it start to finish during my pregnancy with Oshiolema and it always feels special and nostalgic for that reason. (this photo has no connection to this whatsoever but it was from my date with Lema a couple weeks ago and I love it so much.)

Listening to: I had the absolute pleasure of being on the Friends of a Feather Podcast this month. I talked about practical tips for being a work-at-home mom, marriage and of course, motherhood. If you want to listen, you can do that here. This time last year I was also on the Journeywomen podcast talking with my dear friend Hunter about submission in marriage which you can listen to here.

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