That’s the Way Love Goes

Our beautiful son is one week old today. Last night, after being up with him for what seemed like the hundredth hour of the evening, I realized what love is. As I waddled back from the bathroom and looked at my husband resting with Oshiolema sleeping on his chest, I truly realized how much our lives have changed. My Boppy was on the couch draped in a burp cloth, A table stocked with water, snacks and a breast pump was off to the side and we had the TV on a volume that was practically quieter than mute. “This is crazy.” I whispered. My husband smiled back at me, “No, this is love.”

Love is your husband helping you up from the toilet and sitting on the bathroom floor helping you relax enough to forget about a pretty serious set of stitches. Love is how he looks at you when you’re limping in a nursing bra and compression band and says “you are more beautiful than ever.” Love is your little sister committing to stay with you until the baby arrives and supporting you through every minute of birth despite being one of the most squeamish people you know. Love is your friends bringing over a meal expecting nothing in return (not even to wake the baby up to snuggle him). Love is your mother stopping everything to come cook, clean, fold endless loads of laundry and hold the baby when we can’t keep our eyes open. Love is gazing into the eyes of this baby boy and realizing the Lord gave His only son so that I may be free. Love is realizing that every part of your body aches and yet you’d do it a hundred times over to be able to call this child “son.”

I thank you, my sweet boy, for showing me what love really is. You’ve been ours for a week, but really, you’ve been ours all along. I’m so proud to be your Mama.

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  • This made me teary! Those newborn days are CRAZY and mind-boggling. Sounds like you have amazing support. I remember my husband and I hissing SHHHHHHHH at each other for rustling the sheets too loudly while getting into bed, incase it woke the baby, every night…. oh the stress haha. Yet so precious. I hope you enjoy every sweet floppy cuddle and let him sleep on you as much as you want! I was scared into a bunch of rules (no rocking to sleep, no feeding to sleep, etc) by some baby book and I wish I had just gone with my gut. Anyway… massive congratulations to you and your beautiful family!!!! x

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