The Best of Amazon Prime for Fathers Day

Father’s Day is this weekend, friends. Let me say it again: this weekend. I’m a huge celebrator and gifts are my love language so I’ve had this day on my mind for a while but sometimes Fathers Day sneaks up on us and before we know it, it’s Saturday and we’re having our kids paint a pinecone. If you’re still scrambling for a gift, Here are my favorite Amazon Prime gifts that will arrive to your doorstep promptly in 2 days! And I’m not talking a bouncy ball or a mug here…these are some seriously good gifts. The dad in your life will have no idea you ordered it on your phone on a Wednesday. Win.

(these photos are from last year…but look at O’s watch. That’s the one linked in this post because it hasn’t left his wrist in 1.5 years.)

23 and Me: O is 100% Nigerian. Without a doubt. But he’s so interested in his genealogy and DNA makeup so this is a gift he’ll actually be opening on Sunday. (I may or may not have gotten one for myself too.)

GoPro: O’s ideal day would include skydiving, swimming with great white sharks, hang gliding off a mountain (he’s actually done that one) and a great meal. Dude loves adventure. I’m definitely the documenter of the family and he pretty much takes three photos a year but I love being able to see things from his perspective..since I’m more a friend of flat ground. This GoPro is perfect for underwater, in the sky and everything in between.

Key Finder: While my husband is not forgetful whatsoever, my dad is. The man loses the trifecta of wallet, phone and keys far too often and I think this Key Finder is exactly what he needs. It’s a discreet little tile that will allow you to find your keys with your phone and make your phone ring with the touch of a button (even if your phone is on silent.) Pretty Amazing.

Canon Camera: This is the camera I recommend to everyone and each of my friends who have purchased it say it was so well worth the investment. Photos are such a sweet part of parenthood and if your husband or dad has even an inkling of an interest in photography, this is the gift for them. I use this as our video camera when we travel because the quality is impeccable, and the photo quality is better than any point-and-shoot camera I’ve ever used. Very, very beginner friendly.

Garmin Watch: This fitness watch is an investment for sure, but O has claimed it as one of his favorite gifts ever. Fitbits just didn’t do the tick for him (you can read more about his thoughts on his Christmas gift guide here) but this watch is wildly impressive. He’s had it for over a year now and still raves about it on the regular since he genuinely hasn’t taken it off.

Waterproof Speaker: O’s morning shower is his unwinding time after his workout, even if it is quick. He always listens to something in the time between hopping in the shower and getting ready for the day so whether it’s the Bible app, a message or worship he always has something playing. We use our speakers for white noise in the kids room, so we’d relied on our phone speakers to do the job during our shower and let me just say, we usually hear about 10% of it. Enter the waterproof speaker. I CANNOT get enough of this thing. I throw it in my purse for a workout and blast veggie tales on it at lunch time, but O loves bringing it in the shower to finally hear things the way they were meant to be heard. It is absolutely wonderful.

Adidas Shoes: O is a Nike man, but I personally love Adidas sneakers for men. These are so clean and will complete and elevate every outfit while ticking off the box most important to nearly every man I know: comfort.

Oshiomogho literally told me I must, must, must add this tidbit: he loves video games but never has time to play anymore (hi, adulthood. plus marriage. plus toddlers.) For Fathers Day, he said all he wanted is a new video game and time to play it. Done and done. The man asks for NOTHING. So this, mama can do. He said if your husband is the same way, you can get a video game for him on Amazon too! Score.

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