Friday Feels

Happy Friday, Friends! We made it!

It’s Fathers Day weekend, which means we’ll be celebrating my dad on Sunday and I’ll keep the kids out of the house for the entirety of Tuesday next week to celebrate O. As I shared earlier in the week, he requested one thing and one thing only: time to play a video game he hasn’t played in years (and years and years.) Done.

The kids and I made this lemonade the other day and it was so delicious! I made the simple syrup and added far, far less than the recipe suggested. It was perfect.

Oshiolema started this class called KidStrong this past week and I was so impressed by the dynamics of the class. Moving can be so hard and I think one of the reasons it took us so long to decide to move was the thought of plucking Oshiolema out of his community of friends. What’s your favorite activity or sport for your three year old?

I wore these white overalls so much last summer and while my body isn’t quite ready for them, I can’t wait to make them my shameless uniform for the warm months. They sold out so quickly but they’re back!!

Now that we’re outside for hours each day, I’m getting a taste of my first full Texas summer. It tastes like hot. And bright. I’m still on the fence about sunscreen so while I do cover them in it head to toe, I try to bring as much shade as possible with sunglasses and hats. Here are a few on my radar and some I’ve already picked up (and you better believe my kids will be sporting the ones with the neck piece at the lake next month.)

I hope you have a beautiful weekend celebrating the fathers and father figures in your lives. What a gift it is to know and love them.


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