The Five x Five Wardrobe Staples for Fall

I asked on Instagram last week what Fall Fashion content you all wanted to see from this space and four things tied for first place. All the next fashion posts will tackle your requests so we’re building the foundation here with first things first: the Fall Wardrobe 5×5. Five different variations of the five pieces that make for a foolproof closet once the temperatures begin to dip. These are the workhorses that you’ll rotate all fall long year after year. 

Click an item in the image above to shop directly or they can be found with my other favorites in each category in the slider below each section:

 1.The Sweater. This is the number one fall staple in my book. A great sweater will last you years and years and I have no problem whatsoever wearing the same one for more than half the week. Wearing the same t-shirt or tank and jeans all week while swapping out different sweaters is the formula for an easy outfit that looks as good as it feels with zero effort.

1. chunky knit 2. striped 3. lightweight 4. cardigan 5. striped

2.Pants. Does this really need an explanation? Pants really shine in the fall. This is the time for thicker denim, darker washes, interesting colors and textures (I’m looking at you, green corduroy overalls) and it’s also the only time I’ll wear a true skinny jeans to tuck into boots. My preferred pant shape is a high waisted wide leg combination which is the perfect pair for a sweater front tucked.

1. high waisted + wide leg 2. skinny 3. black 4. white/cream 5. kick flare

3. Jackets. Jackets are the absolute best. Am I the only one that truly gets giddy the first day a jacket is actually necessary in September? A jacket can totally change a look. A striped tee and jeans is simple and understated but if you throw on a trench coat you’re instantly throwing off British and classic vibes. A sweater paired with leggings is easy but when paired with a hooded anorak its suddenly a complete “ready-for-anything” outfit.

1. trench coat 2. athletic pullover 3. leather jacket 4. field jacket 5. blazer

4. The Dress. I don’t know when this switch happened but suddenly, I’m a dress girl. I’m a dress girl in a big way. The thing about dresses in the fall is that they become so much more interesting since usually they call for layers. I love wearing a flowy dress with ankle boots and a leather or the same dress with converse and a chunky knit.

1. t-shirt  2. body-con 3. flowy midi dress 4. striped dress 5. overalls

5. Shoes. I myself rotate between pointed flats, sneakers and chelsea boots from September-March but if I wore heels, this would also be the time I’d whip out a suede pump or high heeled bootie. Since that’s not my real life-here are the five shoes I’ll call essential for Autumn.

1. chelsea boot 2. rain boot 3. pointed flat 4. sneaker 5. patterned casual shoe

This is exactly how I build my wardrobe season by season so I hope you find it as helpful as I have in recent years!

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