The Jewelry I Never Take Off

I have worn the exact same jewelry nearly every day for two years. I have added some special pieces to my collection in that time and will rotate them in but I find something so special about having staple pieces that I live in every day. 

My wedding ring, of course, is my favorite piece of jewelry and the first thing I put on every morning. I have double bands for my ring as well as a thicker single band which is what I’ve been wearing most lately. I’ll often just wear that single band or those double bands on their own sometimes.

I wear two diamond rings stacked on my right hand which were a 7 year wedding anniversary gift (two years ago!) and they’re so special to me. I have other thin bands that are clean and simple I might wear on my pointer or middle finger but the diamond stack is the one that gets slipped on daily. The rings are from Ring Concierge where much of my favorite jewelry is from.These rings are custom so they are a big investment and take 5-8 weeks for production but here are almost identical options available right away:

A few years ago O received a wide gold band with the Lord’s prayer written on it from a fan in the mail. He left it in the box for a long time since he’s not a jewelry person at all and one day I slipped it on just to see what it looked like. I’ve worn it every day since! People ask where they can get the ring all.the.time and I feel pretty awful because it’s just a mystery. Thankfully there are tons of similar wide bands that make such a great every-day-wear ring.

My ‘Grace’ necklace is the piece of jewelry I get asked about constantly-often being stopped by strangers I pass in the store or strike up conversation with. I had this made two years ago as a daily reminder of my word for that year. People always ask if it’s my name or a family name but really, it’s to remind me to have grace for myself, grace for others and remember the grace of God in all I do. The necklace is custom from By.Chari. I also found this one right here that is almost identical for a teeny fraction of the price.

Lastly, the ear cuff I talk about in this post is my favorite new addition to the crew. It’s stunning and simple which is all I ask of my jewelry!

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