My Best Purchases of 2019

I’m back!!! I always enjoy the break I take every year around the Holidays but I am so inspired and excited about what is to come this year. As always, we begin the year with my “Best Purchases of the Year” post. I absolutely love putting the research in to make the best purchases I can for myself and our family. There are always some impulse buys mixed in along with a dud or two but I work diligently to be sure we will love and truly use what we buy. Here are the items I reached for over and over again that have true staying power. 

Yeti Rambler

I can’t express just how much use this cup got this year. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet and feel like it’s not necessary or can’t be that good, please just click that link and trust me. I put smoothies in here to keep them ice cold and sipped with a metal straw which you can read the recipe for here, I put my peppermint tea with coconut creamer in here nearly every morning to keep it hot for hours, I filled it with water to keep me on track and kept my favorite electrolyte tablets on hand to add to ice cold water for my pregnancy. This is my favorite purchase of the year (so much so that we have two just so we never have to be without it.)

Lavender Eye Mask

This was a recent purchase but I’m actually shocked with how much of a difference it’s been making in my sleep. Pregnancy rest just ain’t good rest, you know? At least in my case I end up waking up multiple times a night to go to the bathroom, I toss and turn and falling asleep (especially in the first trimester) feels all but impossible. I got this mask as a last ditch effort and the first two nights I used it I don’t even remember falling asleep. I just took my prenatal, put on the mask, left my lamp on and bam. Suddenly it was morning and I woke up rested and overjoyed.The lavender scent is subtle and not overpowering whatsoever which is crucial since I’m really sensitive to strong smells.


O and I did the 12 week PWR at Home BBG program together and it was just a wonderful experience. I’ve attempted BBG many times in the past but having this app made it truly foolproof. We loved being able to see each workout demonstrated, hear the countdowns without having to set our own timer and of course the best part was working out in our driveway with the kids.

Away Carry On

I’ve had my eye on this bag for quite some time and after about 6 trips with it I’m happy to announce it’s here to stay. I chose the “Bigger Carry On” size which is perfect for me. I haven’t had any trouble with it fitting in an overhead bin, it’s durable and scratches and scuffs come out with a quick wipe. It looks beautiful but functions even more beautifully.

Our Place Pan

I cook almost everything for myself in a cast-iron pan but there are just those times you need a non-stick pan. I’ve green-ified nearly every area of our home but the non-sticks were the last to go. I’m so grateful to have found Our Place which creates stunning non-toxic nonstick pans that work. I’ll absolutely be adding one or two more to the collection this year. (Image via Our Place)

My Two Favorite Free People Sweaters

This Oversized Mockneck and the Turtleneck I haven’t stopped talking about all year have been my most worn things even through spring. I love wearing them with leggings and sneakers, front-tucking them into skinnies and wide leg cropped pants and also finding a way to dress them up. I refuse to wear things that aren’t comfortable and both of these are so soft it takes everything in me not to wear them every day. I’m so glad so many of you purchased and loved one of these this year too!

Cuyana Travel Pouch Set

Okay, okay so I got these for Christmas. I’ve wanted these for so long that they just became an instant favorite. I use the larger pouch as a makeup bag and the smaller pouch works as a place to corral the straggling items in my purse as well as a jewelry and accessory pouch when traveling.

Hydroflask Water Bottle

I’ve had the largest size Hydroflask for 5 years and purchased it during my first pregnancy. I found myself never reaching for it because it’s just so enormous to carry around and doesn’t fit in my purse of car cup holder. I love having this bottle to take with a true twist on lid as opposed to my Yeti Rambler so I can throw it in my purse or carry it around at the gym and know it’s not going to spill. I also keep this on my nightstand every night since ice cold water is the most tolerable while pregnant.

Oxo Bins

I couldn’t end this post without sharing the foodsaver bins we’ve stocked the fridge with this year. These have saved our produce unlike anything else I’ve tried and end up saving me so much money because if you follow the very simple guidelines your food won’t go bad even half as quickly. I have one in every size and will likely double up this year because it’s that worth it.

Runner Up Crew:

We got a new car this year (my first new car ever!) and I had been eyeing this tassel keychain for years knowing I’d scoop it up to celebrate when the time came. I love being able to find my keys in an instant and mostly just love how beautiful and simple this keychain is. The gold monogram is just the icing on the cake.

These silk scrunchies felt a little unnecessary and I figured I could do without them. That was, of course, until my hair started breaking off like nobody’s business thanks to the buns and ponytails that take over 90% of the week. These have been a cult favorite for years and now I know why.

I received this Gem Pen in a gift box after speaking on a panel and tried it that night because my ring was so filthy. I was so impressed I posted it to Instagram right away and use it whenever I notice my ring is a bit more dull than it should be.

I’ve only had this ear cuff since Christmas and it’s already made the list simply based on how many questions and comments I’ve received. I didn’t want to commit to another piercing but love the look and an ear cuff is the perfect solution for that. It’s diamond half way around and 14k gold throughout which makes it add the perfect amount of sparkle even if I’m just wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

I still stand by every single item in my Best Purchase posts from the past. You can read my bests from 2017 here and 2018 here.

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