I’ve never talked about unmentionables here. I mean, they’re called that for a reason, right? To the teensy tiny percentage of men who read my blog, today isn’t your day. Come back Thursday, you’ll enjoy it. Today is for the ladies.

Before having kids, I didn’t think much about my undergarments. I held onto essentially the same underwear drawer through high school and college and ran to the 5 for $25 bins at Victorias Secret or the Intimates section of Target whenever things got dicey. No one saw it but me, stakes were real low.

Then I got married. O and I didn’t do any undie peeking before our wedding day so I felt the need to stock up in a BIG way on all the ridiculous things. Dangly jewels, rhinestones, bows, lace–you name it, I got it. (No judgement here, okay? I was 21.) But the thing is, a giant bow attached to two impossibly thin strings just doesn’t really do the trick when you need to run to the grocery store, ya know?

Suddenly I found myself with an underwear drawer filled with cotton underwear from high school with holes in it and super fancy underwear that was, hmm, less than practical.

Then I had a baby.

And another.

Comfort became king, friends. Those ridiculous g-strings I wore during college volleyball every day suddenly looked like a torture device. My lacy pairs partially destroyed by a billion trips through the washer and dryer wouldn’t do the trick any longer. I dumped nearly my entire collection of underthings (aside from the really pretty ones) and started from scratch. This is where my research skills come in handy. My Google search bar looked a little bit suspicious for a few days, but after much hunting, I found a few brands that came up over and over again. I searched through all their products and settled on about 10 new pairs of underwear and I don’t want you to think I’m being dramatic when I say this: they have changed my life. I’ve slowly added a few more to the collection as time has gone on and I’m as content as one can be with a top dresser drawer.

While Valentines Day is only a few days away, I’m not going to be sharing the undergarments that are star of the show. No, these are the unsung heroes. Here are my absolute favorite pairs of underthings to wear day in and day out. I spent years stocking up on really cheap pairs because the price tag of the nice pairs felt unnecessary but I’ll never go back! I wash more frequently but the comfort I feel every single day is more than worth it.

Commando: This brand was the company that changed the underwear game. As the first completely seamless underwear brand, it’s the only brand stylists put celebrities in for red carpet ceremonies and all appearances. I’m a bit of a panty-line freak and never, ever want mine to be visible whatsoever. I’ve had such peace of mind with my pairs from this brand and also love that they offer a nude that matches my skin tone. The comfort is next-level, too! My every day favorites: The Perfect Stretch, The Butter Mid-Rise, The 2 Pack Nude in my skin town and the Signature.

Natori: Oh my goodness. I just need to get this off my chest for some reason- I feel actual joy stepping into these underthings. I’ve mentioned this to my sisters. I’ve mentioned this to O. I now need to mention this to you. NEVER in my life have I truly enjoyed underwear…until now. When my five pairs of these are in the wash, I miss them. Truly. My daily go-to’s are the Bliss Perfection (and bliss is right!) and the Feathers Thong for a fancy changeup but I also love the French Cut Bikini and the Bliss Cotton Briefs which I reach for precisely one week a month.

I have pretty much one bra that I’d call my good bra. It’s so old and so ill-fitting that i’m not even going to share it. I’m currently on the hunt and committed to replacing this sad, sad thing. I have no help in the “real bra” department. I still wear my nursing bra sometimes. BUT. I love a bralette and for weekends at home when I don’t just wan’t to be all over the place but I certainly don’t want to be in an underwire, I reach for this and this.

Are we closer friends after this? I sure hope so.

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