Welcome, Keogena. Birth Story + Video.

  1. Jess Rae says:

    Hi Jill, I just wanted to encourage you that your blog is so well written. I am a young Christian women and I actually cried reading your story and how you and your husband are so very in tone with Gods voice and direction. You have inspired me to continue to seek God in everything, to seek a verse for my year, it reminded me of my desire to one day have a Godly marriage and possibly have children with that person. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

  2. Oh Jill – this is simply breathtaking! You were so strong in your surrender – and that's exactly what it takes. You will encourage so many with your story of courage. We wish you the very best and cannot wait to see you in person at our Mom's Cafe.
    The MotherMe Doulas Team

  3. So sweet! I'm pregnant now with #2 and I can't help getting a little teary how good your second birth was! I'm a little scared about birth #2… I think just because I now know so many more mothers and have heard so many more stories of things going wrong. Praying it goes smoothly for me too! XO

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