Welcome to Gold & Graphite!

Welcome to Gold & Graphite!! Two exclamation points may be excessive but I am absolutely overjoyed to be moving to this new space. Few things are more special than giving the Lord your dream and watching Him move in it. I started my blog in 2011 after my most difficult college professor required me to maintain a blog for a full semester. It was for my Marketing class and he explained, “Your blog is where you’ll learn to market yourself. If I were an employer, I would read your blog to find out who you are. What you like. Where you spend your time. What makes you you. And why I should choose you.” At the time, I was engaged and planning a wedding while my fiancé was living across the country, had just finished my second season of college volleyball and was busier than ever with school and coaching but I was smitten with this new assignment. We only had to post a few times in the grading period but I so enjoyed the process of creating new content I found myself spending much of my free time writing, taking more photos than ever and learning about blogging. I named my blog Delilah Dior Dominica to reflect my three greatest passions: faith, fashion and travel. I had visions of posting fabulous outfits and jet setting around the world but my teeny corner of the internet has turned into something I couldn’t have imagined.

If you fast forward six years since that first blog post, past the wedding, the trips, the pregnancy, the first baby and then the next, you’ll find me here. The same passions are there in my core except now they’ve been joined by motherhood which adds a beauty and complexity to everything it touches. This is no longer just a blog about a girl traveling the world in cute outfits-I hope instead that this is a place you’ll come to see a woman doing her very best to be herbest.

Sure, I’ll still be sharing outfits because getting dressed every day will never cease to excite me. And yes, we still do love to travel although it looks slightly different with our two little tagalongs. But mostly, I want this to be a reflection of my real life. The struggles, the breakthroughs, the easy breakfasts and the fun fancy meals. The navigating our transition to being vegan, how to be presentable for the day in seven minutes, golden nuggets we learn from traveling with kids and the weekend family dates. It will all be here.

For the rest of this first week, each day I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite posts from Delilah Dior Dominica before my first blog baby is gone forever. Starting Monday next week, you can check back here to find a new post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thank you so much for following along with me and my little family, welcome to Gold & Graphite.

And I couldn’t sign off without an enormous thank you to Kirsten Kizerian of West End Girl for developing the branding of my dreams. I’ve been rolling this logo around in my brain for nearly four years, playing with it and tweaking it and after one conversation, this incredible woman brought my gold and grey and nude blush pink visions to life. I was nervous to hand over my brand “baby” after what happened to me three years ago (read more about that here) but she was such a blessing to me and exceeded even my greatest expectations. What a gift this lady is! Thank you, Kirsten for making this place beautiful.




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