What’s in my bag

What I keep in my handbag and what is always in my purse

I’m quite the bag lady. Not in the sense that I’m a collector or anything-in fact, I’m the opposite. I rotate the same bags for years and think long and hard before adding one to the crew. I do, however, always have at least two on hand. I wish I could blame it on motherhood but I’ve always been this way. It’s safe to say minimalism just isn’t quite my thing yet! The items in my bag can range from paintbrushes and pencils to books and hair products, but if you look in my bag on any given day you will always find these items: 

the bag: This Proenza Schouler bag was the first ‘It Bag’ I invested in. I initially got it in a neon coral but once I had it in my hands, I realized it was one of those purses you keep for life. I needed it to be versatile and neutral, so I walked back to Barneys that same day and exchanged it. 7 years later, I still wear it all.the.time. I prefer designer bags to have no monograms or logos, so this was right up my alley. It’s like Mary Poppins bag-I can fit my DSLR, journals, spare shoes…EVERYTHING fits in here! And despite me not being tender to my bags, it’s still in fantastic condition (minus a stain from a green juice explosion and a lovely pen mark from a baby Oshiolema.) If you’re in need of an elevated every day purse that will last you a lifetime this is it.

natural lip balm When I began changing my lifestyle to heal my Hashimotos, one of the first changes I made was removing all of my current lip products. Things like BHT, parabens, artificial fragrance, and synthetic dyes are all hiding in conventional chapsticks and your lips are one of the most dangerous places to absorb these chemicals. I’m obsessed with this chapstick. It’s enormous, lasts forever, smells delicious and O stole mine so often I finally bought him his own.

Pur Gum I gave up gum for a long time. It’s not the best for teeth or digestion, is typically filled with terrible ingredients like aspartame and high in artificial sugars, but my craving came back with a vengeance earlier this year and I was determined to find a solution. I always keep a bag of pur gum on hand (cinnamon and peppermint are my favorites) and it’s approved by both my dentist and nutritionist. Win win.

Doterra Peppermint & Frankincense Oil: Motion sickness and headaches can sneak up on me in a hurry. I’m very sensitive to smells and the last thing I want to do is feel a migraine coming on and be stuck without any defense. Since I don’t take pills, I’ve relied on frankincense and peppermint to battle my headaches for years and don’t go anywhere without them.

Le Pen I keep a pack of these in the house at all times and always have one or two on hand. Maybe it’s just me…but I still get excited about pens like a 7 year old. These satisfy that craving for a pen that writes smooth and clean while still giving me that ‘fun’ feeling. Le Pen’s are famous for a reason- they make your handwriting look awesome and rarely ever bleed through.

Moleskin Journal I can’t go anywhere without paper. As much as I love the idea of typing things, my best ideas are fleshed out with pen and paper.  I have many, many journals but a moleskin is my favorite one to keep tucked in my purse. I love being able to decide if I want the paper lined, unlined, dotted or graphed.

Blush Pink Chloe Wallet: I only get a new walled about once every five years. I keep business cards, way too many gift and voucher cards, photo strips and coins in my wallet so it has to be a large zip around. 1.5 years into life with this wallet and we’re still in the honeymoon phase. It’s an investment, for sure, but I’m a Chloe girl through and through and can’t say enough good things.

Macadamia Nuts, an Apple and Clementines: I can’t rely on finding things to eat while out of the house so you’ll never catch me without a snack. These three are my current favorites, but talk to me a week from now and I’m sure I’ll be crushing on a new combination.

Black Quay Sunglasses: These cult classic sunglasses are the ones that are complimented every time I wear them and the best part about them is that they’re $55.

Stickers: Two toddlers. Enough said.

Pouch with my Go-To brow kit, mascara and one or two all natural lipsticks: On days where I don’t have time to get ready before leaving the house, I love knowing I have this trio on hand to make me look put together in exactly 3 minutes. I’ve been loyal to this little eyebrow kit since college. 8 years, to be exact. It’s the only product that isn’t toxin free directly on my face…it’s just that good.

Natural Deodorant: more on that here. Over a year in, I still just feel safer knowing I have it on hand.

Dark Chocolate: You never know when things are gonna get dicey, guys. I can’t be caught without a dark chocolate bar in my bag because there are too many situations where breaking off a square is just the only solution. I don’t eat refined sugar or dairy so my favorite dark chocolate bars are currently Hu Simple Dark and Crunchy Mint (SO GOOD.) and Lily’s 70% or 80%.

Tell me, what are your purse essentials?

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