‘Work at Home Mom’ Essentials for 3 Budgets

I heard someone say “August is like the New Year for Moms.” Since I’m homeschooling (more on that later) this isn’t quite true for me. My days will be busier than ever, but for a few hours one day a week, I head to a coffee shop to turn my wifi off, put my phone on Airplane mode and work until the very last second. I have a set system down (you can read more about it here) but also a cast of characters I couldn’t do it without. Since I know so many of you out there call a coffee shop your cubicle too, here are Work Day essentials for 3 different budgets. 

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Tote Bag: I switch between a leather backpack and tote bag for my work day to lug around everything I may need from file folders to my laptop and clunky charger. I hear people rave about both the Madewell and the Saint Laurent tote over and over again so I know they’re both wonderful additions for the “new year.” My pink Mansur Gavriel bag is still in heavy rotation and I have to say just how blown away I am at it’s resilience. I often bend it out of shape shoving awkward shapes into the leather and it still looks brand new. It’s an investment, but I cannot recommend it enough. (You can see it in action here.)

Notebook: I am a pen and paper girl. I write things in my notes app but truthfully, if it’s not on paper somewhere, it doesn’t really exist. I love being able to develop ideas in the classic “brainstorm” method and feel so much more creative when I’m writing than when i’m typing. Smythson journals are so special and classic with their witty sentiments on the cover. Sure, a $1 composition notebook would do the trick, but if you’re looking to elevate your writing/drawing/note taking experience, these options sure are fun.

Water Bottle: You all know I’m a Hydroflask fan, through and through. I shout my love for these water bottles (for myself and my kids) from the rooftops because water just plain tastes better in this bottle! I also have a Swell bottle and enjoy it so much. It’s more slender than my Hydroflask which I really enjoy.

Headphones: I have these wireless headphones and they’re my favorite ever. I stuck with the apple headphones way too long, fumbling with chords and tangles for more years than any human should. When I’m Facetiming or talking on the phone people say the sound quality is perfect and I can workout (even run!) in them with no problem at all. For work and travel, I know many people prefer an over ear headphone instead and these beauties are winners hands-down in the aesthetic and sound department.


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