10 Cozy Essentials to Add to Your Wardrobe for a Pandemic

Surprise! It’s a Saturday Post because it turns out, you guys really need some help in the cozy-wear department. I’ve received so.many.questions about my favorite cozy clothes as well as what cozy loungewear and pajamas to wear during pregnancy in the past few days that I thought I’d hunker down and get to work in order to pull this guide together. I hope you find it helpful in this time where we’re all home likely more than ever and craving just that little bit of added comfort.

1.The Top: These are the tees I would declare essential in this time. Yes, the majority of them are more of an investment than picking up a t-shirt at Target but they are truly the only tees I’ve worn for the past months and are so worth it. They’re not maternity but were recommended to me by someone I trust and man, they’re just the world’s most perfect tee for the price. I also have only worn this workout top (non maternity but so flattering with a bump) which has been my best investment over the years. I own 3 colors now and truly don’t wear another top to exercise or at least look active in my athleisure this whole pregnancy-trust me on this. Some other favorites:

2. The Sweatshirt: There is no more crucial item of clothing (aside from pajamas and robes…don’t scroll to skip to those, I promise the rest of the items are worth the wait) than the sweatshirt. I wear a sweatshirt or sweater nearly every single day because they just feel like a hug. Also, I’m quiiiite pregnant and they’re also something that is guaranteed to fit. So there’s that. I’ve worn a butter yellow crewneck, a handful of hoodies and my white Everlane cardigan on repeat.This $35 sweatshirt is the same as my yellow crewneck except in charcoal and it’s a dream, this version is super similar and 30% off today and this one + this one are worth every single penny. Here are my favorites that I can’t recommend enough.

3. The Cozy Pant/Sweatpant: I’ve shared my love for these joggers time and time again but I stopped buying any other kind about 2 years ago and have only invested in these. If you love the legging version, you’ll love the joggers just as much. I’m amazed at how my normal, non-maternity size has continued to work through this entire pregnancy so far and well into my third trimester, i still reach for these weekly. I also have a pair of these pants that I bought before I was pregnant and now wear all the time with a tee tucked in or a sweater covering the top. No one wants to be buttoning tight pants right now (pregnant or not) so finding pants that are cozy and stretchy while still being presentable and super flattering is crucial.

4. The Dress: I rely heavily on dresses now at 31 weeks pregnant but to be honest, I always have. Dresses make me feel like I’m still wearing my nightgown, take zero effort whatsoever and take 3 seconds to put on. WIN. I wear a dress every week and find that the flowier, loose options are much friendlier than the body-con ones unless they’re ribbed and bump-friendly.

5. The Matching Set. The outfit in this instagram photo has gotten the most questions over the past two years and I’m happy to report that while it’s sold out in this color, it’s on sale in grey TODAY! Technically they’re pajamas, yes. But I wear it constantly and love the waffle texture, stretchiness and the fact that it looks just as good during pregnancy as it did before. It’s selling out fast but so many of you have purchased this over the years and rave about it as much as me. This set has been recommended to me by nearly every influencer and friend in real life so I’m finally scooping that up too!

6. The Legging: I won’t even recommend anything besides my Aligns. It wouldn’t be right. If you’ve been hesitant to buy these feel-like-butter-and-a-cloud-had-a-baby leggings, there has never ever been a better time. I’ve always worn them comfortably all the way throughout my pregnancies and truly look forward to putting them on in the morning.

7. The Pajama: Have pajamas ever been more crucial than they are now!? I’m a loyal pajama wearer (you can type pajama in the search bar and see what I mean) and I love that you guys enjoy them as much as me. If I had to recommend only two pairs, it’d be this nightgown/the long version/the short version because The fabric is unreal. please scoop these up today and let me know when you wear them for the first time because it’s indescribable. The second out be this nightgown I’ve loved for years. Something about wearing actual pajamas in the evening instead of just a t-shirt and sweats feels so good to me. If I’m not in my robe at the end of the day, I’m in this.

8. The Robe: I have two I’m 100% loyal to. You all know about the one that I’ve recommended for three years now and many of you have scooped up. It’ll be a favorite forever although in the global pandemic, people are certainly prioritizing their coziness and scooping up this robe at rapid speed. It completely sold out on Nordstrom today (UPDATE: it’s fully back in stock as of today on Nordstrom right here!)  A lot of you have noticed I’ve added another beloved robe into my rotation. I fell in love with this robe at 1Hotel in LA this summer and hunted it down and look forward to it almost every single evening after putting the kids to bed. It’s like a sweatshirt for your whole body-what could be better? Due to Covid 19 they’re currently not shipping but I will share it ASAP when they do!

9. The Slipper: My feet have never felt more loved. I wear my slippers almost daily which I don’t think I’ve ever done before at this point in March but whatever makes them happy, you know? Mine are old from Target (which I say in DM’s at least 5 times every day) but this identical pair on Amazon has over 3K rave reviews and are $23. Run run run.

10. The Blanket: Another thing you all are apparently rushing out to buy as an essential during this quarantine time is the Barefoot Dreams Blanket because it’s completely sold out all the places I normally buy it. And I get it. I keep mine in my room because I can’t risk anyone else using it. The kids know it’s mommy’s cozy blanket they get when they snuggle up in my bed but that’s IT. It’s not a couch blanket. It’s not a theatre blanket. It’s mine and mine alone. Sometimes you just have to, ya know? It’s made of the same fabric as my robe sent from heaven and you’ll never turn back once you snuggle up to it. Trust me.

And “11 Cozy Essentials” sounded bad so I’m just gonna throw in a bonus for you here- Bralettes and cozy underthings. Definitely go to my ‘Underthings’ post to read about my all time favorite undergarments ever (they matter, friends, especially while pregnant and/or in the midst of quarantine) but here are some other favorites I’ve loved a little extra these past few weeks.

I hope you enjoy this! Thank you also for your support by shopping these links and also for trusting me enough to ask for my favorite picks when it comes to something as personal as loungewear in a pandemic. You guys are the best.

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