2nd Trimester Recap and Essentials

I am 32 weeks pregnant this week which means I’m technically five weeks into my third trimester. WILD. My second trimester absolutely flew by but it certainly wasn’t as easy as my previous second trimesters have been. We’ll get into all of that right here.

Second Trimester Breakdown: The second trimester begins in week 13 and ends week 27 but I experienced some of the tricky first trimester symptoms until around week 16 or 17 this time and then another symptom took over at week 20- Braxton Hicks contractions. And I mean intense Braxton Hicks. I’ve had many days where between my varicose veins and the contractions I’ve spent much more time laying on my side or elevating my feet than being active. It’s been frustrating and a bit discouraging at times but I always remind myself it’s all worth it to provide a safe space for this baby to thrive. Once again, my visions of beastmode workouts and long daily walks didn’t even come close, but I have done my best to stay active even for ten minutes at a time. I’ve also started seeing a prenatal chiropractor as my hips and back have started to cause some issues when it comes to sleep. My pregnancy pillow sure still makes the MVP list.

Eating Habits: Every January for the past few years I’ve completely given up sugar. It’s been even more difficult in the past two years since I’ve given up refined sugars and switched to only natural sugars (honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, monkfruit…) and making the decision to commit to it again this year took ALL my strength. I’ve craved sugar almost constantly this pregnancy so the thought of 30 days without it on top of having so many food restrictions as it is seemed like too much to bear. I love a good challenge, though, and once I commit theres no turning back so I stuck to a 100% sugar-free January and it felt wonderful. I’ve been working to eat as cleanly as possible and my biggest craving as of late has been Sumo Oranges. I cannot get enough! My diet looks identical to what it normally does aside from the addition of a paleo grain-free bagel nearly every morning which is quite an indulgence coming from someone who used to have a smoothie and egg whites for breakfast. There’s no turning back.

Weight Gain/Exercise: I found out this trimester that I have an “irritable uterus.” It’s presented many challenges and surprises but mostly it just means that I’m not able to do nearly as much activity as I’ve been able to do in previous pregnancies. Even a few hours cleaning the house and doing chores can send me into a contracting fit for hours on end. It’s been difficult to navigate and quite uncomfortable to be honest but I do my best to stay on top of my water intake, wear my compression stockings for the varicose veins and get at least three workouts of any kind in on any given week. Those workouts are usually done in my mirror still (Especially now that we’re all quarantined to our homes due to COVID-19) with the addition of a quick walk outside or a jog on the elliptical in our garage. I’ve gained 26lbs and know that number is probably going to grow by quite a bit when it comes time to deliver.

Second Trimester Highlights: All my babies have been super active in the womb but this baby just may be my most active yet. I’m blown away by how strong they are and love my time connecting with the baby all day long. I will say- my ribs and sides are so stinkin’ sore from being a punching bag all day long but the kids and O are extra grateful. We travelled to Canada, Scottsdale, Los Angeles and 30A this trimester and I’m grateful for an extended period of being home before the baby arrives because there is LOTS to be done in preparation. We were able to sneak in a family maternity photoshoot during our Spring Break vacation which now I realize is such a gift since I almost didn’t schedule it and now-in quarantine-wouldn’t be able to do one at all. The kids talking to my belly, asking questions about the baby and preparing for life with a little sibling is probably my favorite part of all. I also celebrated my 30th birthday which was a huge milestone I welcomed with open arms!

Second Trimester MVPS: I’ve already filmed a video that thoroughly discusses and break down all my favorite items for the second trimester this time around but for now, I’ll share 3.

1. Electrolytes. I couldn’t have made it through this trimester without drinking extra electrolytes daily. My Braxton Hicks started at 20 weeks and have felt like the real thing every.single.day. Making sure my body is extra hydrated has been crucial.

2. Apple Watch. As a stay at home mom who is pregnant while homeschooling two young kids, knowing my activity level on a day-to-day basis is really hard. Sometimes I find I moved far less than I thought and sometimes I’m shocked I doubled my movement goal for that day just by taking care of my tasks in the house.

3. Probiotics. I think everyone should take a good probiotic every day but as someone with an autoimmune disease in the midst of a global pandemic, I’m extra grateful I’ve stuck to the routine of having my probiotics with my prenatal every single night for years. It’s great for the baby and great for my gut.

Stay tuned for my Second Trimester MVP video! In the meantime, here are the non-maternity favorites I’ve worn throughout the whole pregnancy, my First Trimester recap and the cozy clothes I look forward to wearing every day of this pregnancy.

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