Life has been so extremely fast lately. Especially with whispers of the lockout lifting soon, we have pushed ourselves into high speed. My summer school is also accelerated to twice the speed of a regular semester, and my three professors are taking no prisoners. We put the St. Louis house up for rent at the start of this week, and are packing up and getting out of here before the end of next week. Also, we have not yet found the home for our next six months. Yesterday, I made the mistake of taking new vitamins in the morning to add to the strange amounts of stress and spazz. Thankfully, only my husband had to witness that display.

L u c k i l y, our Atogwe verse for the week is Psalm 29:11, an enormous wave of comfort,

The Lord gives strength to His people,
The Lord blesses his people with peace. 

Peace is my favorite word in the dictionary. 

So in these past couple hours, my therapy was chopping up a huge slab of meat for carnitas, letting it simmer, taking a break from my peer edits and kicking my feet up. (Just for a second.) Giada is on in the background, the kitchen smells fantastic, and my love is in and out to check on overwhelmed-ness-levels. God is so good. Praise Him! 

Oh, and pulling from my inspiration folder always gets the heart beat back to normal.

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