Virginia is for Lovers

That right there is the main road to our neighborhood. As for me, I have been absent! So absent, but I won’t pretend, you guys are used to this by now. I have come to accept that I am terrible at multitasking. My husband tells me this daily, but the pride in me thinks of how women are notorious for being fantastic multitaskers. I am woman, I am fantastic! 

But not really.

Whenever I multitask, the thing I am less excited about gets the shaft and comes out mangly and half-way correct. Example: listening to the reasons we should make sure the sellers/current home owners re-route a pipe in the laundry room because of its close proximity to the sink…vs. thinking about my wonderful sale hunting at Tyson’s Corner. Needless to say, after following mr. inspector man around our new home for f-i-v-e hours, I had to re-read the home inspection three times. 

Today was a case of multitasking failure in its full glory: anything vs. our wedding highlight video.

Anything and everything lost. 

I am so thankful to Aqua Vivus for their incredible work! I will re-post it here just to have it in a safe place(:

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To update you all on life with the Atogwes, we are currently living (in separate hotels) in Virginia. The Redskins have swooped my bubs up completely and he is now drowning in a playbook, a new defense, sweltering heat and thousands of loving and eager new fans. He will also be sporting a number 20 for the first time since college. We are fully embracing change!

And me, I am walking hand in hand with the Lord learning more about myself every day. I have also felt more like a wife with each passing day, taking on full responsibility of renting our home in St. Louis and getting things in order with our new home in Virginia. I am so thankful to be able to learn how to be a suitable helper, and am even embracing my epic failures. (Never remembering to bring a check to appraisals, radon tests, and the like, forgetting main points of long meetings…etc.) Our Father is so good, and lately that has been enough to keep me smiling all day long. 

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