Posts to Enjoy During Another Week at Home

Another week has come and gone. While the days are feeling shockingly fast lately, they are also filled with many strings of ups and downs and a weight most of us aren’t used to carrying for such a sustained period of time. Decision fatigue has likely set in as we’re faced with more choices a day than ever (Do we watch the news or read instead? Do we let the kids veg out with a show or engage in family time? What’s for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner x10,000?) I’ve gathered some past posts that I hope you find helpful or at the very least entertaining as we enter another week at home. 

Looking for a new smoothie idea? Head to this delicious recipe for the prettiest smoothie you’ll ever drink and if you’re looking for a true smoothie 101 this post is for you.

If you find the extra time with your spouse is growing more polarizing than bonding, I highly recommend this post on 5 Things to Guard Against in Marriage. as well as this Resources for Strengthening our Marriage post.

If you’re looking to bless a new mom or mom to be in these trying days, head to the Ultimate Gift Guide for New Mama and Baby. There are tons of ideas in there that don’t cost a thing but will make a mama feel so loved and special in a time where she may be dealing with cancelled Baby Shower’s or Sip’ n’ Sees and it’s easy to be overwhelmed and feel overlooked.

This old Favorite Amazon Purchases for Kids post has some fun ideas to keep them entertained, our favorite humidifier when allergy season is all wonky and the inexpensive watercolor palette I’m asked about weekly on Instagram.

Browse the ‘In My Suitcase’ tab if you just want to dream up future getaways, especially my 5 Favorite Hotels in the World post.

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