5 Ways to Maximize Productivity at Work

how to have the most productive work day as a stay at home mom

I used to be so excited to have alone time that I saw it as just that- alone time. But the thing is, dedicated work hours aren’t “me time.” The hours are accounted for. If I’m going to leave my kids, pay someone to care for them, get gussied up and leave the house then it’s not time to recline with a podcast and a snack. Its time to tackle the to-do list. Here are my tips to maximize that work time, even if you only have one hour to get it done.

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1. Listen wisely. This one depends on how you work best, but for me personally I can’t listen to something I need to pay close attention to or am deeply invested in while writing. It’s so tempting to go through my podcast lineup on work-day but I find myself losing my train of thought and having to click that 15 second rewind far too much. Choose what you listen to very carefully since it’ll have an affect on your mood and productivity! I like to save podcasts for editing photos, scrolling through resources and doing the tasks that don’t require as much focused attention. While I’m brainstorming, reading or writing I choose to play soft, consistent music like Novo Amor that serves as a backdrop rather than a distraction.
2. Prepare. Prepare, prepare, prepare. I look so forward to my work time that I used to go into it just knowing I had “a million things to do “ but rarely laid out what I was specifically going to do in those few hours. Without actually creating a plan, I’d start chipping away at far too many things at once and wound up with nothing to show for my work hours. Now, I create a plan and am disciplined to stick to it. My most productive days are when I time block the work hours-An hour or two dedicated specifically to writing, an hour for reading or planning, time for a phone call and so on.

3. Turn your phone on airplane mode. Our phones are distracting – we know this. If some of your work must be done on your phone set aside time for that or even set a timer to tackle writing, reading, emails or whatever it may be for one hour, then once that timer goes off you can do whatever needs to be done on the phone for a while. There are so many things that actually do need to get accomplished on our phones like responding to DM’s, commenting and engaging on social media, taking or editing photos and all the fun phone things. BUT. Breaking up work to constantly check and work on that little distraction machine is never conducive for productivity.

how to maximize your workday to be the most productive

4. Invest in some Blue Light Blocking glasses. The majority of my work is done looking at a screen of some sort. I wear glasses and contacts because my vision is shockingly poor (praying it doesn’t continue to get worse!) so I’m no stranger to eye strain. I found myself squinting at the end of the work day just because my eyes were tired. It was like that headache inside your eye ball, you know? After doing my research I found that the blue light shining from our phones and laptops is really bad for our eye health. Yikes. I scooped up these glasses on Amazon for $16 and they have made such a difference! I also have always used ‘Night Shift’ setting on my phone which helps your eyes a little bit as well.

5. Don’t come hungry. I face every work day with a giant Yeti Tumblr full of either ice water to sip or a giant smoothie. I don’t work well with a growling, angry stomach and since I typically work in coffee shops and cafes the smell of food is constant and persistent. I always, always keep a snack or two on hand in my bag incase I forget to properly plan for my work day but ideally I pack a big salad or many form of protein, greens and fat. My go-to snacks are plantain chips, fruit, and macadamia nuts to keep me full and satisfied.

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