Fall Favorites Roundup

If you were here last week, you know the drill! I am out of office to prep for my Holiday Collection of artwork, but I haven’t come empty handed. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite Fall posts since it’s October 10th and that’s Fall as Fall gets.

This post
on my natural medicine cabinet essentials is one that becomes wildly popular this time of year. Fall and winter germs are already in full effect and these essential oil recipes, vitamins and natural medicines are the ones I stick to all season long.

This post on my tips and complete outfit guide for family photos with kids has been gold. This post right here, friends, gets over a thousand views a month every.single.month. It has for two years now! I’m not quite sure what happened on Pinterest to make it get the amount of traffic it does but I’ll be updating it later this month again as I do every year to make sure the links are shoppable. If you’re jumping the gun and taking photos early, you’ll want to stop by this post.

My sweater roundup from this time last year is still one of my favorites

last year’s October favorites still ring true one year later

this post on light winter layers from two years ago gives me all the nostalgic feelings because I had just started the blog a few months before. Also, that jumpsuit is a forever favorite.

See you next week, friend! Same time, same place.

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