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Okay friends, it’s painting time again. See that photo up there? It’s me contemplating all the things-namely whether or not I’d create a new Holiday Collection this year because the schedule just hasn’t allowed much time for it. But theres a phrase, isn’t there? That one we see floating around Pinterest and filling our feeds on Instagram? It goes something like this: Don’t say you don’t have time, say you won’t make time. And it’s true to some extent-although part of being a woman and a mother and a wife and a believer in general is laying down our lives, right? Trading in those hours we’ve spent on passions in the past-whether they be statistics or sleeping-in order to serve the ones around us? Still, I know there are many things in my life I’ve placed there that hang over me as a responsibility I’ve given myself-like three blog posts with brand new content a week. I like having strict boundaries for myself since any vagueness whatsoever tempts me to not perform a task at all. This is an instance, however, where I have to line up all the things that fill my days. The cooking and nose-wiping and looking-in-their-eyes time with my kids is here to stay. My time in the Bible has been shorter lately, but certainly isn’t being traded out. Time with O means the world to me and every now and then I need to sweat somehow too. This leaves me with the blog and social media. SO. For the next two weeks, I’ll be sharing old content that is wonderful and hopefully so helpful and delightful! And I’ll be back with the content you guys have been asking for (makeup routines! kids’ style! hair posts!) and most importantly, I’ll be creating the artwork that I pray will be a blessing this Christmas season. I hope you enjoy, friends!

To begin! I have a bit of the travel bug right now-probably because I had some dreams of driving along the east coast this autumn for a little fall foliage tour but we decided to stay put instead. Here are some travel posts to keep you entertained:

A travel video from Slovenia and Muggia with our teeny tiny babes

A post recapping our weekend in Marin last autumn

A trip O and I took two years ago to New York at Christmastime (he surprised me one week beforehand with the entire thing-even flew his parents in without me knowing-and it’s still one of my favorite vacations ever) right here

10 tips for traveling with littler littles (two 2 and under) with a video including strollers, food and sleep tips right here

And lastly, our trip to Rome with the kids including my a round up of my must-do’s for your trip. I’m loyal to Rome forever even after having been 3 times…we’ll keep going back as long as I live. You can read that here.

Okay I know I said lastly, but while we’re on the travel thing I’ll also put my 5 favorite hotels in the world because, like I said, travel bug.

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