6 Products That Will Convince You to Switch to Clean Skincare

best natural non-toxic skincare products

When I made the cold-turkey switch to natural skincare and makeup, I felt overwhelmed and also a but jipped. I spent my entire adult life trying to hone-in on the exact right products for my unique and pretty unfortunate mixture of super dry + super sensitive skin. I felt like a thirteen year old starting from ground zero again and let me tell you–that’s not a good feeling. Over the years I have spent far too much time and resources to try out just about everything on the market and I have never loved my skincare routine more. Here are the six products that will win you over.1. Tata Harper Water Lock Moisturizer

After giving birth to Zeameh in May, my skin absolutely lost its mind. The combination of my thyroid going haywire, my hormones being all over the place and breastfeeding left my skin literally peeling off. Nothing ages the appearance of skin more than dryness. I used all my old go-to’s and no one could meet the task. Then I gave this guy a try. Guys, I’m never turning back. Not only is the application so pleasant because of the push-pump style container, the lotion itself is one of the only moisturizers I’ve used that leaves my skin this hydrated. I recommend it to every single person that asks for one clean skincare product to invest in.

2. Indie Lee Squalane

Have you heard of Squalane before? It was quite the buzzword in the skincare world a few years ago and it started me down a long rabbit hole of learning how to incorporate it into my skincare. Just when I found one that proved to completely change my skin, Hashimoto’s happened and I had to give it up. Thankfully, this one is even better and I notice the change in my skin immediately when I skip this step. It makes my skin noticeably softer and more plump while never leaving a greasy film.

3. Beauty Counter Charcoal Mask

This mask is pore magic. It’s not breastfeeding or pregnancy safe because of the salicylic and lactic acid combo but it’s that very combination that is so transformative. This mask is a gentle exfoliator that I love to watch suck up excess oil and cleanse too-large-too-clogged pores.

4. Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover

This is the only makeup remover I’ve used for years. For some reason, I have so many of the empty bottles in my drawer because they’re just too beautiful to get rid of. This makeup remover is, in a word, lovely. I should say it’s effective and hydrating and soothing, but its the loveliness that sets it apart from other natural makeup removers I’ve tried in the past. It smells incredible and is so gentle on my ridiculously dehydrated skin. I look forward to this step every day.

5. Vitners Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Looking at the price of this bottle of serum I thought to myself, “does this thing come with a car? A bag of diamonds?” But I had seen so many people I trust raving about how it transformed their skin so drastically that I finally bit the bullet. Whaddyaknow, I’ll be a buying this stuff for the rest of my life. I am amazed with this oil. Firstly, I love that I only need about five drops a day which makes it last so long. Secondly, the smell alone would have me hooked but it’s the hydrating, smoothing magic of twenty two active organic botanicals that will keep me loyal to it for eternity. O comments on the smell nearly every single night when I crawl into bed. It’s that good.

6. Goop ‘Instant Facial’ Mask:

This stuff, you guys. The price tag is a bit scary (same goes for all goop products) but it lasts me a lifetime and is the most effective mask I’ve used since switching to natural skincare. It is an experience. This mask is so effective that you only wear it for about two to three minutes before rinsing it off to find glowing, radiating skin.

There’s no getting around it-natural skincare just plain costs more than conventional skincare. But our skin is our largest organ and there are so many dangerous chemicals, fragrances and toxins snuck into products that haven’t undergone the testing and intentionality of clean skincare. While i can’t prevent the exposure to toxins and chemicals in the air around me, I can absolutely control what goes on and in my body. I hope that even if you may never be ready to switch over to fully clean skincare, I hope this post inspires you to try just one product. You’ll be surprised how life-changing it is.

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  • Leanne Heinrichs 1 year ago Reply

    I have debated about some of these and have not yet purchased (because of cost) but you make a convincing argument. The goop mask link shows the product is being discontinued …. speaking of goop though awhile ago they came out with a unique vitamin C serum you mix … also have not tried it but I was intrigued. (Also very expensive).

    Jill 1 year ago Reply

    Yes, it can be so difficult sometimes to go out on a limb and try a new product at such a high price point but I have found these to be more than worth it!

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