Our Favorite Recent Purchases for the Whole Family

It has certainly been a different type of Autumn and while the pandemic has changed my typical Fall purchases, there have still been a few new additions I’m so excited about. Whether it be a toy that makes outdoor get together’s extra fun for the kids, a pair of sunglasses that is less than $20 but looks quadruple the price or a plant-based, natural candy that we keep on hand at all times-there’s something for everyone in today’s post. 

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Earring Trio: I have worn the largest size of these little hoops almost every day since picking up this inexpensive three-pack. I love the look of wearing these hoops with my sweatshirts and a low ponytail which is happening a whole lot lately.

Olipop: I am shouting about this from the rooftops lately because I need everyone to know about it. I fell in love with Olipop on a trip to L.A last summer. This is a prebiotic soda that is incredibly clean and healthy yet tastes like the soda from my childhood. For the longest time, I wasn’t able to find it anywhere outside California and began ordering the variety pack off their website. In the last couple months, though, here in Texas I’ve been able to buy them in Sprouts and While Foods and O is straight up thrilled. 

Franco Sarto shoes: I wore these shoes in the black and tan snakeskin so much last year that I decided it was worth it to grab them in the black. These shoes are so, so good. They elevate super simple outfits and look put together without sacrificing comfort. To my fellow large-footed ladies, these go up to a size 13 which is *chefs kiss*

Kyle Baby Pajamas: I find cozy, natural pajamas for my baby an essential. I’m pretty conscious of what I’m putting on her skin-essentially since she has the most sensitive skin of all my babies-plus I love few things more than snuggling a baby in pajamas that feel like butter. I’ve loved Kickee Pants for six years but Kyle Baby pajamas are new to me and I’m hooked. I’ve gotten some for the older kids as well because they’re the dreamiest. Shop all the options here. 

Olive & June Nail polish: I only wear natural nail polish so sometimes I can feel a bit limited when it comes to excitement around painting my nails. Whenever we go to L.A, I schedule an appointment at Olive & June right away and it’s my favorite nail salon in the world. When they started selling their own non-toxic colors in their stunning shades it made my dreams come true. You can now purchase them here more accessibly and it’s a great swap to ease into natural products. 

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: My hormones are admittedly all over the place lately, but this blanket could bring me to tears. I’ve had one in our room for a year now and you all know how I feel about my OG favorite robe on the planet, but I did scoop up a second a few weeks ago because it’s the only thing I want touching my skin lately. When I crawl into bed and pull this blanket up to my face, it’s like a warm hug saying “You did it! You made it here!” I can’t express how much I recommend this blanket to keep slung over the end of your bed as your own personal bedtime cheerleader. You will absolutely not regret it.

Lavender Eye Pillow: I talked about this thing through my whole pregnancy but O borrowed mine so often that I eventually got him his own. I sleep so insanely deeply lately because I’m just exhausted so I only reach for it a few nights a week but O sleeps with his every.single.night. No matter what. I love knowing I have it in the nightstand when sleep is harder to come by. It’s the perfect weight, the lavender scent isn’t overpowering at all-it’s just lovely.

Alo Pullover: I wore this three times the first week I got it. It’s the perfect weight, it’s so flattering and looks just as good with jeans and sneakers as it does with leggings. This is the Fall purchase I have been most excited about because it gives me all the cool girl vibes even though I’m wearing it to make sandwiches and type blog posts.

Amazon Vintage Luggage Set: okay, okay, so maybe this wasn’t exactly a necessary purchase (seeing as we haven’t gone anywhere since March) but I had my eye on beautiful luggage for road trips and shorter getaways and these are just beautiful. I do have a few trips coming up and the I’ll be putting these to use for ones that are in driving distance.

Keogena’s Backpack: We didn’t decide for sure if we were sending Keogena to school two days a week until the day before her school opened back up. Thankfully I had scooped up a new lunchbox for her when Oshiolema went back to school to make her feel more included, but we were a bit out of luck on the backpack front. I gave her ten backpacks to choose from and this was her the winner by a landslide. She already wants to wear it everywhere she goes and State backpacks are just so special and sweet. If your littles are doing homeschool or distance learning this year, we love having a backpack on hand to make them excited and to fill for nature walks and activities.

Kyte Baby Sleep Sack: We transitioned Z to a sleep sack earlier than any of the other kids and it went so super smoothly. I’ve already raved about this fabric but I find this to be the perfect weight for a sleep sack- it’s cozy and light.

Smart Sweets: I unfortunately can’t eat most flavors of this plant-based candy but I keep boxes of these on hand for whenever the kids are going to be in an environment where there are treats they can’t indulge in. O says it’s phenomenal and they only have 3 grams of sugar and clean ingredients which tick off two of my candy requirements. I try to keep a few flavors in the pantry at all times. Click here for all the flavors.

$13 Sunglasses: The shape, color and size of these sunglasses are all perfect for me, and let’s don’t even get me started on the price. They are so similar to my Celine sunglasses and feel luxurious and clean and maybe just a teeny bit “hide from the paparazzi” esque.

Gigi & Pip hat: You guys know how much I love my hats-in Fall and Winter especially. They’re the perfect addition to any outfit and also an essential hair hider when I can’t be bothered to wash it despite being way overdue. These hats are the perfect price point and feel just as expensive and high-quality as the more expensive hats in my collection.

Turtle Sprinkler: I picked this up for Keogena’s party to be able to let the kids play together while still keeping a good distance. Man, I wish I got this way earlier in the summer! This little turtle goes at the end of your house and sprays water in dancing sprayers changing direction constantly. It’s so, so much fun and if you live somewhere where Fall is a bit of a myth and you want to have an outdoor playdate, this is just the thing.

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