The Clean Eating Roundup

Whether you’ve found yourself nursing a baby that can’t tolerate dairy, needing a break from the indulgence of quarantine or need to clean up your diet to help with fatigue, mood swings or skin problems-I’ve got your back. Here is a round up of some of my favorite posts for clean eating. A significant part of my life revolves around my eating habits. Finding out I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis three years ago forced me to give up the foods I had often taken a break from temporarily for good. At first, I felt so deprived and was grasping for any comfort possible and trying to fill the gaping hole left by never being able to bite into a soft pretzel, a croissant, a bowl of popcorn, a burrito with cheese, beans and rice. I had plenty of experience giving up gluten and dairy in the past but living without grains was incredibly daunting. Daunting and SO sad. But we made it, friends. For the past three years I’ve been gathering recipes and snacks that make me feel like I’m really not missing out on anything and I’d love to save you the hard work. Here are some posts to dive into:

A plant based, gluten-free weekly meal plan that has some of our favorite comfort food recipes here

These are the snacks I always have on hand. I can’t always rely on being able to find something grain/refined sugar/legume/soy/corn/dairy free out of my own home so this post has some favorites I don’t venture out without.

This What I Eat in a Day from last year was a highly requested post that shared my favorite lunch salad, a go-to smoothie and more.

The perfect recipes for Summer right here

Some comforting and delicious r for the super clean family favorites I’ve been making for years. I made the vegan minestrone over the weekend and I plan on making our favorite cauliflower soup this weekend.

Some Paleo Baking favorites (I can’t wait to update this post as I’ve added so many wonderful things to this list over the years.)

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