My Favorite Summer Vegan+ Gluten Free Recipes

Summertime! Watermelon and Pasta Salad and Barbecue and Lemonade. While summer food doesn’t hold a candle to autumn food for me, there are some definite go-to’s I look forward to once June rolls around. This is my very first summer eating a vegan and gluten-free diet and I’m trying to be sure my kids still get the nostalgia I had growing up despite having to pass on the beer brats and corndogs.

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One of my biggest hesitations about giving up meat in the beginning was the fact that my diet felt so limited. I don’t like veggie burgers, veggie dogs, fake meat or any of that and felt like I’d be eating celery for the remainder of my days. Ten months later I’m happy to report that’s not the case! Here are some of my favorite burgers for summer

Black Bean Burger: this does have an egg in it so I don’t make it anymore since O gave up eggs completely two years ago, but if you are vegetarian and not vegan…make this. Today.

Eggplant Crunchburger: I haven’t tried this but it’s a favorite of O’s when I make it! He raves about it.

Beyond Meat Burger: This is my favorite vegan burger of all time. I make them once a week for O but eat them much more sparingly myself. This burger is made from pea protein and even our strictly carnivore friends and family will devour this burger and ask for more! It’s genius. It’s magic. It’s delicious.

Minestrone Soup: I know this doesn’t exactly scream summer, but I made this for the first time a few weeks ago and we are hooked. I added a hefty amount of shredded kale at the end and it’s just so delicious. I can’t describe what made this feel like summer but it checked all the boxes and the kids both gulped it down. Also, I love heat and spice but O doesn’t so I left the chili flakes out and it was still so yummy.

Kale Salad: I’m still going strong on this salad. It’s so refreshing and hits the spot every single time.

Black Bean Stuffed Peppers: Ohhhh friends. This recipe has become a fast favorite in our house. I can throw it together so quickly it feels like I’m cheating and bonus points if I already have rice in the fridge. O requests this above anything else these days. I top it off with vegan mozzarella and it’s fool proof when you don’t want to spend a lot of time on dinner.

Black Bean Sweet Potato Quesadilla: Again, this is another repeat favorite. Topping this with Tofutti sour cream and Whole Foods Pico de Gallo feels like the biggest treat and indulgence and I can’t get enough of this easy lunch or dinner.

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