A Few of Her Favorite Things: Lauren Béa

Hi friends! I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, mama and musician Lauren Béa Robinson! 

I met Lauren here in Virginia a few years ago when our husbands both played for the Redskins and shared a financial advisor (Hi, Stacy!) She was still in college at the time so her husband, Keenan, attended couples Bible Study alone and raved about her all the time. When she graduated and moved to join him I was overjoyed to find she more than lived up to the hype of her starry eyed hubby! Not only is Lauren a stunningly beautiful woman inside and out, she has a singing voice to match! She is talented like you wouldn’t believe, guys. And to top it all off, she is a phenomenal mother to her darling daughter, Kadence. Lauren and Keenan just moved to Nashville to further her music career  so I wanted her to share a few things she’s loving right now!

(that garden photo belongs to none other than Joanna Gaines herself)

I hope you enjoyed a peek into A Few of Her Favorite Things! I think its so fun to see the random things making people happy and I especially love this because I, myself, am 10 years strong into having Lacroix consistently you guys. 10 years. Its true love. You can keep up with Lauren on Instagram, and definitely stay tuned for more of her music coming soon!

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