Beet & Purple Cabbage Dyed Easter Eggs

I’m a huge fan of Easter egg decorating. Ever since I was little, it was always a huge family affair. With 7 kids, you can imagine we had about nine thousand eggs between us to decorate and just got to go to town with our designs. I tried out the white crayon trick, lots of ombre and even some tie dye. As I’ve gotten older and especially since having kids myself, using items like coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables to dye our Easter eggs has become the most appealing.

                                                                  keogena ready for action (and super proud) with her gloves

This year, I did plenty of hunting to find out which foods to use for which shades and stumbled upon this post explaining how to get a beautiful range of blues from purple cabbage. I was as intrigued as I was impressed, so naturally I decided that’s exactly what we’d do.

Every time I chop beets I can’t get over the color it leaves on my cutting board and the way they stain the carrots I roast them with, so I knew I had to give beet dye a try as well.

It’s quite the process (the kids only peaked interest at introduction and about 5 hours later when the eggs were actually ready) but it was so worth it to just be in awe at how amazing God is. The pigment we can achieve simply from boiling a vegetable absolutely blows my mind. Call me easily impressed, call me dramatic, but my spirit was so moved throughout this whole process.

One of my favorite eggs of the whole bunch was one I placed in a mug of blueberry tea for the better part of the day. It looked like rusted copper with so many different tones peeking through. I made a little note to myself that next year, I’m testing out strictly coffee and teas because the ranges in there are far too stunning not to dive into.

More important than all the egg decorating and brunch planning is the reverence for what today stands for. The day Christ fulfilled his promise as he always has and always will.

“Crucified, laid behind a stone

He lived to die, rejected and alone

Like a rose, trampled on the ground

He took the fall

and thought of me

above all.”

I pray you have a beautiful Easter weekend filled with joy and family and great food and all the Easter egg hunts, but most importantly filled with overwhelming gratitude for our Savior.

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