A Flooded House, Week Six of Living with my Parents and Prioritizing Wellness.

There couldn’t have been a more perfect time for me to talk about Grove Collaborative- health in the home and environmentally friendly products have never been on my mind more than it is right now.

Lets first start with a home update, shall we? The devastating Texas storms hit Valentines Day weekend and we drove to my parents’ house with a suitcase and the diaper bag prepared to hunker down for a couple days until our power turned back on. Three days later, we returned home to find our power was back, but so was a few inches of water due to a broken water heater. We packed some more bags, turned right back around to settle back into my parents’ house for what I thought would be one week max.

Today marks our sixth Monday here.

Wellness and non-toxic living have always been a top priority for us but my attention has been turned to them more than ever lately. The wild changes in weather coupled with our second year in a pandemic have me looking for even more ways we can do our part.

Grove Collaborative’s Seedling line is the perfect solution. I’ve always been an in-between kind of girl. I want a clean, non-toxic organic diaper but you’ll never find me buying cloth diapers. I want to limit waste from paper products but I’m not quite on the handkerchief and cloth napkins train. Maybe I’ll get there one day, but thankfully, Grove makes it effortless. Did you know that we could save 642,900 trees from deforestation and plant 15,429,600 trees if every U.S household swapped just a single pack of traditional paper towels for Seedling by Grove tree-free paper towels? Don’t those numbers make your jaw drop?

Seedling “paper” towels and toilet “paper” are made from bamboo fibers instead of trees. I was a bit hesitant because when I heard “bamboo,” I instantly thought “sandpaper.” Friends, I was wrong. Much like my all-time favorite baby pajamas (also made from bamboo!) these products are absorbent and soft as can be. Bamboo takes only three months to grow back after being harvested which is much more appealing than the 20 years it takes for trees. It makes me feel even better that the bamboo harvested by Grove isn’t a source of food for panda bears.

I’m typing this from my little brother’s bed just dwelling on how unexpected this past month has been. Climate change has never felt more like it’s knocking at my own door before and I’m so grateful to continue to make changes that will have a ripple affect for years to come.

New Grove customers will receive a free gift with purchase–think walnut scrubber sponges, compostable wipes, Seedlings “paper towel” and more!

If you’ve never shopped with Grove before, it’s a one-stop shop with unbelievable savings on all your favorite sustainable, clean products. I’ve had a subscription for three years now and there’s nothing like Grove delivery day, friends. Here are some of my other favorite products to add to your Seedlings order:

We use these dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, these striped towels are our favorite year after year, I keep this foam hand sanitizer in the car for the kids, these walnut scrub sponges feel like straight up luxury and I think I have these glass spray bottles in every color.

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