A Weekend at the Lake

For the eleven years I’ve been with O, we’ve gone to our lake house in Ontario for a portion of the summer. We’ve only missed one year and vowed never to do it again…until COVID. Thankfully, my brother married an actual angel (and our childhood friend) who is just the best possible person we could welcome into our family. To make it even better, her family has a lake house just under two hours from us and last month, they invited all the siblings for a quick weekend getaway. It was everything I didn’t realized I needed after our longest stretch ever without travel. If you can escape to a staycation to end the summer, take this as your nudge.

It’s been far too long since I did a travel photo dump so I hope you instantly smell campfire and sunscreen when you scroll through these photos.



We decided to do it again in November and I already can’t wait.

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