Lets Talk Diapers.

When Seventh Generation reached out to talk about their diaper campaign I was thrilled. It couldn’t have been a more natural partnership since I have used their diapers since Zeameh was two weeks old and recommend them to everyone I know! If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know I try to keep things as natural as possible in our home. This is a no-brainer when it comes to baby products, but friends, that can be just plain hard sometimes. Committing to saying no to unnecessary toxins in my children’s playroom and wardrobe isn’t always easy, but thankfully Seventh Generation has made choosing a safe diaper delightful.


Zeameh absolutely has the most sensitive skin of all my littles. Oshiolema had sensitive skin as well which led to all.the.diaper rash. It felt like every single week I was smearing butt paste on him to soothe the poor guy and until we solved some of his skin issues, he just plain suffered. We have used these Seventh Generation diapers since day one with Z and despite her eczema patches all over and peeling skin, she has never once had diaper rash. I credit that to the fact that they’re fragrance free, hypoallergenic and have incredibly quick absorption capabilities. They are the first and only USDA Certified Biobased Diapers which is a super fancy way of saying “these things are absorbent!” The fact that they are made with 0% chlorine bleaching is another tick on the checklist of toxin-free and safe.

At three months old (this week!) Z gets one dream-feed in the night and won’t wake up again until morning. This means I need to be able to trust she is cozy and safe in that diaper all night long and Seventh Generation’s 12 hour leak protection has ensured that every night. The FreshAIR™ Breathable Layer means that unless she has a blowout that wakes her up, I know her sleep won’t be interrupted because of discomfort which is a huge win. These diapers cater to sensitive skin so well and have been everything we could hope for in a diaper since day one.

The safety, health and comfort of our babies is something we all want for our babies, but I’m so thankful to have chosen a diaper that not only has the best interest of my baby at heart, but also the best interest of the next seven generations.

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