Accepting Changing Seasons

  1. Christie says:

    so beautifully said, it will change you but it will be the most welcome and inspiring change. You will truly be amazed how fast you fall in love with someone you just met, although you know them with every piece of your soul because you grew them. My most favorite moments on each of my little ones birthdays is that first eye lock, when they look straight through you and know who you are even though it is the first time they have ever seen you. That first hour is so precious, enjoy this season momma, it is such a beautiful time of life.

  2. Jess Rae says:

    Iam the same way!!!

  3. Jill Kathryn says:

    Christie- thank you so much. excited for that very first eye-lock. Jess- I'm glad I'm not alone. We'll all get through this together!

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