After Years of Perfecting, This is the Non-Toxic Skincare Routine I Swear By

When I started learning about my autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s, nearly four years ago the skincare piece was almost the most daunting. I had loved skincare and makeup and gotten the perfect routine down, not to mention quite the collection and literally gave it all away. Every single thing. Once I learned how crucial clean skincare was for my health, it was my top priority to do this immediately and do it well. I’m happy to have been the guinea pig over the years trying out product after product and now, in year four, I’m so proud to present my dream team.

Daily Routine:

Makeup Remover
: At the end of the day, if I’ve worn makeup this is step one. I’m wholly loyal to this product and whenever I see it on sale, I buy a couple to have on my shelves as backup. It seems counterintuitive to rub oil into your face but this is packed with Vitamin B and removes makeup like a dream.

Face Wash: I switched to this cleanser this summer because my skin was absolutely losing its mind.

Toner: I spent years “not believing” in toner. It felt like a waste of money and time to put something on after face wash to sere as, what, a vehicle for serums? It was a no for me. UNTIL, I realized how important this step is for preparing my skin to soak in everything to follow. The toner will put so much goodness right into your pores and strip out any last bit of dirt and yuck before those luscious serums and creams.

Serum: Serum 1: Listen, I can’t say if I do these two serums in the right order but in my mind, I want the most expensive one to go on first to soak in and stay there. I’ve shared over and over that this product changed my skin and it’s a cult classic for a reason. The smell and texture are so beautiful and delicious. I do dread when it’s time to buy another bottle because $$$ but thankfully, one bottle lasts months upon months.

Serum 1/Squalene: Squalene is so important for our skin and I’ve used this one for years. It’s so important to add this step into our regimen because it heals and eliminates scarring, reduces wrinkles, slowly erases skin pigmentation and reverses UV damage. Sign me up and yes please to allll of it.

Eye Moisturizer: This is a no brainer.

Lip Mask-er- Nipple Balm: This nipple balm was sent to me and it seemed so luxurious and wonderful that I started putting it on my lips and now, a year and a half later, I still use it every single night before bed. This stuff is gold.

Moisturizer: I have raved about this product too because there was a season where my skin was quite literally flaking off and no product could leave it hydrated. This not only brought and sealed in the hydration, but also changed the texture, dewiness and health of my skin. I’ll never stop using this.

Once or Twice a Week

Charcoal Mask: This is so great for pulling gunk out of my pores.

Hydrating Magic Mask: I have used this product since I first started dabbling in non-toxic skincare when I was pregnant with Oshiolema and since switching over completely three years ago, it has been a solid staple. I can’t quite express how magical this stuff is. It’s great to wear during a bath.

Enzyme Cleanser: This is a light enzyme peel to use twice a week. Did I buy it because I saw it on Vogue skincare routines countless times? Yes. And I’m so glad I did.

Goop Microderm Instant Glow: This scrub is MAGIC. Absolute magic. You only leave it on for, I kid you not, three minutes max and it makes you look so healthy and youthful and glowy.

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