The Conception Tips That We Have Found Most Helpful

Tips for Getting Pregnant on The First Try

Last year, I began getting questions about conception tips. I got the question so many times that I eventually just made a list of bullet points in my Notes App and anytime someone asked me, I sent them the note. When I someone last week shared with me in Friday’s Q&A that the tips had “worked” along with a pregnancy question, the request for those tips came pouring in again. I figured the best way to get them to everyone was to offer up my email so I could send it that way but friends, I’m shocked by the amount of you trying to get pregnant right this minute!

First of all, congratulations! That makes me so excited! I’m open in sharing that we would have loved to have started trying again for another baby this summer, but my bloodwork put a halt on that. Our next hopeful start was September, but a mold detox means that was put on hold again. All of that to say, I pray to be joining you all soon. In the meantime, you can access the quick list of bullet points below that has helped us get pregnant on the first try 4/4 times along with a very important note on that fact.

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