My Recent Purchase List: From Amazon Art to Acne Cream

Between the typical Fall Wardrobe shifting and the last minute move (where we had to leave just about everything behind,) it has been quite a spendy time. I wanted to share some highlights from my most recent purchases in every department from bathroom to home to closet.

Mid Rise Vintage Straight Jeans (1): These feel vintage and current and the same time which is why I love them so much. The shape is so updated and cool and yet these honestly feel like butter. You can find the link to all the denim from my straight/wide leg jeans try on in my ‘October Links’ highlight.

Kristen Ess Purple Shampoo (2): I grabbed this last minute at Target when I noticed my highlights were going orange and brassy. I’m so impressed with how this evened out the color and after three washes, I’m thrilled with my color and thankful you can’t quite tell how overdue I am for a tone.

Country Living UK Edition (3): I’m incredibly inspired by UK design. I decided to subscribe to the UK Edition of Country Living magazine because honestly, the fact that we finally have a bathtub I can fit in here in the new house has me very aware of my ideal bath reads. This takes the cake.

Mini Lamp (4): Speaking of being inspired by UK Design, this sweet English inspired lamp really fits the bill. I had been looking for the perfect lampshade in this style and couldn’t find anything that didn’t feel wildly expensive. The same week of my epic hunt, I found this while getting towels at Target and felt like I won the lottery. I had just bought a lamp of an almost identical size so it’s still waiting for me.

Slippers (5): I shared about these on Instagram and was so surprised by how many people scooped these up. It seems like we’re all in the same boat- we want an incredibly cozy slipper with a hard sole that is cheap enough to be traded out when it starts smelling like a middle school locker room. I cant explain how much I look forward to sliding these on every day!

Linen Pajamas (6): These are arguably a little more Summer than Fall, but the shape of these vintage feeling pajamas are so perfect and the red color would take you all the way through winter. The linen is lightweight enough that these could be worn under a robe without turning you to a sweaty mess and the color is so classically beautiful.

Boucle Ottoman (7): Another new home purchase- I passed these ottomans countless times in the store because the price tag felt a little dramatic for something you just set in the living room but it has proven irreplaceable for us. We use both ottomans to block the stairs for Zeameh, use them as chairs if people are over and use them as foot rests in front of the sofa. I can’t recommend them enough.

Amazon Rug (8): We had to leave behind all of our rugs because of the mold and let me tell you, that one was brutal. I bought another version of my favorite rug ever to put in our bedroom and bought this rug on amazon after tons of research and it’s so, so good. I love it layered over a just rug, I love it in a runner version-it has just the perfect amount of black to add dimension and depth. (I chose the Antique / Moss version)

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion + Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion (9/10): I’ve mentioned before that this one-two punch has been absolutely essential for drying out strange and persistent hormonal acne. I repurchased them recently and there’s nothing like a fresh bottle of this magic.

$13 Ear Cuff (11): I misplaced my diamond ear cuff a few months ago and have been too scared to accept it’s gone so I just only halfway look for it. Do you ever do that? Anyway, I started wearing this cheap Amazon ear cuff and it’s making me about 6% less sad.

Daybreak Sneaker (12): My size 12 feet handle sneakers much better than fancy, cutesy shoes and I love this retro feel and colorway.

La Ligne Sweater (13): I have a thing for striped classic sweaters and had been eyeing this cult-classic for a long time. The cropped shape, the uber long sleeves and the simplicity all contribute to making it the loveliest.

Amazon Framed Print (14): I’m so impressed by this, you guys. This leans on our entryway table next to my little Target lamp and it honestly looks like I found a special print that I took to get framed. It was the first piece of art I put up and I’m so happy it started to make this rental feel more like home.

Nordic Pantry Organization (15): I first saw these in Shea McGee’s pantry a couple months ago, then put them in my parent’s pantry and now bought two for my own pantry storage. I prefer the bamboo lids.

NOT PICTURED: This Pack of Amazon Underwear. You know I take my undergarments very, very seriously. I figured almost 3K rave reviews couldn’t steer me wrong and that assumption was correct, y’all. These fit the bill and then some. I wanted all black, predictable, cozy thongs that I could grab and not care about and these are them, my friends. View my full list of favorite undergarments here.

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