August Favorites

August was wonderful and beautiful and heartbreaking and confusing. Last week, my niece was born stillborn at 37 weeks gestation. Eden Jane’s story is not mine to tell- that belongs to her mommy and daddy.  I will say this-She was healthy and strong until one day her heart just stopped beating and we’ve been grieving and mourning since. She is so loved and we look forward to the day when we’re together again. Her life has spurred a deep desire in me to cling to the Lord in ways I haven’t before and I’m thankful for the ways He draws us near. The theme of August was traveling and enjoying family so here’s what I loved wearing, watching, listening to, eating and doing this month.

Reading: The Risen Motherhood Book was kindly sent to me last month despite me preordering it the minute it became available! It was the best surprise and as someone who has been a loyal listener to the podcast since the beginning, I’m somehow still blown away by how much value there is in this book. Their method for applying the Gospel to each gray area of motherhood seems so simple and yet I’ve never once heard it said or taught before. This book is a must read, no matter what season of life, marriage or motherhood you’re in. It’s available in stores now! And I should add this to the listening to section, but the cherry on top of their book launching is all the podcast episodes being released with both Laura and Emily being interviewed. I haven’t missed one yet and learn something new with each one. Here are a few: The Messy Table interview, Kindled Podcast interview, Journeywomen interview

I’m also reading Gentle Leading’s blog post ‘Sitting in the Tension: Shocking Sorrow, Sweet Surprise and Sacred Invitations’ was such a comfort to me the night we lost Eden. I remembered seeing her share a post after a friend had given birth to a healthy baby girl the same time another friend gave birth to a baby girl who had already gone to be with Jesus. Her words on living in the tension were right on time.

top: old Aritzia (similar here)  pants: Doen. (similar favorite pair here) shoes:here

 I got my first glimpse of Fall this month and I’m not mad at it. I could actually use the word “cool” to describe the temperatures at the lake house some days. Cool enough to actually wear a sweater! And now, I’m fully in sweater mode. I’ve worn a knit three times this week (yes, I live in Texas) because no bead of sweat or ray of sun will hold me back. I’m particularly fond of sweatshirts that I can throw on over leggings and look really put together. I’m most looking forward to wearing a coat layered over one of these hoodies because it’s my favorite cool-weather look of all time.

Whenever this season comes around, I make it a point to be even more intentional than usual with my purchases. If you do it right, your Autumn pieces will get the most use out of your closet. They’ll be layered under heavier items for winter and worn with lighter pieces for Spring. The stapes of this season are worth the investment and it’s not the time to be tempted by trends. I’m eyeing the new pieces from one of my favorite brands, Sezane, and here are my favorite things from the Fall Collection. This sweater is my favorite of the whole launch. All the camel, please!

Also, I’ve been rotating between sandals, sneakers and these pointed toe flats exclusively. They make every outfit looked pulled together and are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Listening to: John Piper Podcasts. All three of them. All the time. This past week unveiled some things I tucked away last year after my own miscarriage and health struggles. While it’s much more comfortable to just tuck those things away, I’m digging up everything.  Shane & Shane has been a wonderful backdrop when I can handle it (Though You Slay Me has been so lovely this entire year) and my friend Caroline left me the lyrics to Andrew Peterson: Is He Worthy? last week and it’s so powerful.

Eating: I can’t quite rave about my Lunchbox enough. First of all, it fits the food container I use most often which is a win. Secondly, it has sections for an ice pack and is tall enough to put things on top you don’t necessarily need to stay cold. I also love that I can slide cutlery, my phone and a credit card (and a Hu chocolate bar) in the back pocket. It’s just the best ever and it’s machine washable. I clip on the long strap to wear like a purse and this goes everywhere I go. If you live in the Dallas area- drive to Pressed Juicery and get some Freeze ASAP. I can’t believe I get a taste of California right here at home now! It feels like such a treat! And the Fall menu at TrueFood released yesterday. Run, don’t walk.

To the surprise of no one, each and every occasion in the month of august came with a request for “my brownies” which we all know are not my brownies at all. Since I still get so many questions- here’s the recipe again. You won’t be disappointed.

Watching: It wasn’t a very exciting month on the ‘watching’ front, but the ‘Gourmet Makes: Pocky’ episode was fantastic. I also watched a few episodes of Mad About You at the lake house and it sparked all the nostalgia and warm fuzzies I remembered. It was the show I watched start to finish during my pregnancy with Oshiolema and will always be a favorite for me.

August was a big one. A lovely one. A hard one-September, I’m so glad you’re here.


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