Because, Marriage.

  1. Jill, i love your heart. Yes to this. I am 24 and my husband and I were 22 when we got married. It always irked me when people commented how young we were choosing to get married, but I always said that it’s new and an experience no matter what age a couple chooses to marry at. It still requires the same effort and choice and intention. We’re 24 and were the first of our friends to get married, and now are the first to have a baby, and I hope we can encourage our friends. We are so completely full of gladness in our decision and continue to work so hard for each other and to pursue each other. Because, marriage.

    Thanks for this. It made me reflect today.

    Sincerely, Colleen

  2. Sarah Muela says:

    1000x Amen. You’re so right about it being a choice over and over and over. So hard but so good. We’re coming up on EIGHT years which blows my mind. We recently went through some hard choosing each other and now for lack of a better image it’s like we had a marriage enema! Everything is fresh and bright and yet there is depth because of our time together. Marriage is a wild and wonderful ride. This post is so simple yet profound and made me tear up a bit!

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