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Happy Friday, Friends!

This week was a bit of a doozy. As many of you know (if you’re following along on Instagram) I waited as long as the doctors allowed possible to pass baby Noah naturally. My body wouldn’t do it, so I ended last week in surgery. My recovery has been wonderful despite a teeny gray cloud following me into this new week…but God is so gracious. The cloud has lifted, the sun is shining and it finally feels like sweet summertime inside and out. Here are some things on my mind at the end of the week.

I found this article on the daily-protein intake of wellness professionals. so interesting, especially the plant-based diet options.

With homeschooling on the horizon, I’m looking into more and more articles on healthy home life for kids. I was very inspired by this one and was thrilled to see a few of the tips already implemented in our home.

Maggie Comb’s essay, “When Giving Your Kids Grace Feels Impossible” felt like she was speaking straight into my heart this week. Because man, mama needed to hear every single word.

I’m often asked about my go-to packing cubes, and they’re being dusted off and put to use this weekend as we pack up for the lake! You can see my packing essentials in this post here.

I never, ever, would have invested more that $20 max on a t-shirt before last summer. I thought it was ridiculous… it’s a t-shirt after all! But as an item I throw on at least 3x a week, I noticed I was running through them faster than I thought possible. Just before summer hit last year, I invested in this tee and can happily report it survived Texas summer, Italy heat and Virginia humiditity (plus far too much wear) and still looks as good as new. On top of that, it’s somehow magically flattering. It’s one of my best purchases ever.

If you’re still not convinved, these tees (and tee dresses) are very budget friendly and make summer dressing a no-brainer.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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