Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

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Creating a gift guide for “her” is the most fun, but also the most difficult. Who exactly is this lady? A new mom? A teacher? An artist? A globe trotter? The goal with these items is to be delightful and special to every woman across the board. When I give gifts I love making a theme to group things together. If the theme is rest, I’ll box up a dreamy pajama set and a sleep mask or bath salts, a candle and matches. If the theme is peace I’ll gift a journal and some tea and a mug or a bible and special pens. Gifts are my love language so I gift as I’d love to receive!

The She Reads Truth Bible is something i’ve gifted more than once. It feels so special to open and is filled with surprises at every page turn. It’s perfect for someone who needs some motivation to get into the Word and makes for a fool-proof gift.

Have you ever seen a travel pouch set so stunning? I’d use one for makeup and one for jewelry. The best part about these pouches aside from that beautiful leather is the gold monogram option including stars and hearts as a selection. There’s another one here that’s monogrammable as well with a zip bottom. The top half is for makeup and the bottom is designed as a jewelry holder. How cool is that?!

I’m on a candle-burning hiatus currently but I’m not being dramatic when I say Diptyque candles truly complete a space. I keep one on my desk next to a stack of matches and it always feels like a treat to burn. Don’t even get me started on how photogenic it is!

You truly can’t go wrong gifting sneakers to a woman. I don’t care who she is, she wishes she were wearing sneakers.

Raise your hand if your photos live on your phone and hide in the shadows until you forget about them? Is your hand raised too? This photo printer makes it so easy to print photos in seconds and makes for the perfect gift.

Call me old-fashioned, call me grandma Jill, I like vintage style pajamas and I’m proud! I would gift this pajama shirt nightgown with a sleepy time tea or the sleep mask to the person in my life that needs some extra rest this season.

I’ve received so many questions about my hand lettering lately and 80% of the time I’m using my Apple Pencil and my rose gold iPad. It’s one of those things people wouldn’t buy for themselves but everyone would be thrilled to receive. If you know someone is trying to improve their penmanship or hand-lettering, this book would be a great gift as well.

My camera! I raved all about this camera and shared photography and video I’ve taken with it in this post here, but I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about this thing. It’s half the price of any comparable camera which still blows my mind! If you’re in the market for a new camera this Christmas, I’ve shared the camera I use most often and my favorite lenses in this post.

The Mansur Gavriel tote is an investment for sure but after I got this purse for my birthday, I felt all my handbag boxes were ticked. It’s so sturdy, the leather is buttery but resilient and it’s large enough to serve as my carry on while still being the ideal every-day purse. It’s stood up to months and months of carrying my laptop and that’s all I ask of a bag. Here are a few other favorite totes at different price points:

The cape makes for the dream gift for anyone that does a bit of traveling. I wear mine over a tee or long sleeve for every single flight because it doubles as a blanket, a barrier between my kids and the seat, a scarf and while I was nursing it was the ninja of breastfeeding covers.

I had the original fitbit once upon a time. The new fitbit is nothing like that one. We gifted my in-laws with fitbits last Christmas and it completely transformed their awareness of their movement and idleness. They walk more than anyone I’ve ever met in my life! On top of being aware of your daily steps, I love that this can store up to 300 songs and can fully integrate with your phone.

If you thought I could leave my favorite robe of all time out of this post, you were wrong friends. I got this robe for Christmas last year and if you don’t know just how much I love it yet, read more about it here. Best. Decision. Ever.

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