My October Favorites

It’s the last day of October! Was this the worlds fastest month in the history of time for anyone else? My goodness. I’ve looked back on this past month on my most used and most enjoyed things to curate my MVP’s of October.

1. Salt Fat Acid Heat. I enjoyed this Netflix series based on the best selling cookbook by  Samin Nosrat. Watching her travel across the world in four episodes on each ‘essential cooking element’ is an absolute delight. I eat 0% of the mouthwatering foods she shares in the show and still left inspired and excited about cooking.

2. Crewneck Sweater. Are you tired of this yet? I honestly feel that it’d be dishonest to leave this sweater out of my favorites list, seeing as I wore it no less than twice a week for the entirety of October. It’s cozy. It’s perfect when the front is tucked into jeans. I throw it on with leggings and rainboots when I want to cheat and look put together with no effort whatsoever. It’s $29. C’mon.

3, Sneakers. I tend to forget about my sneakers aside from workouts when the weather gets cold, but this year I’ve changed my ways. A long coat paired with jeans (or even leggings) and a sweater is perfectly finished off with the right pair of sneakers. I’ve been getting so much wear out of my New Balance sneakers and I think they’re somehow just as flattering as heels because of the way the sole is made. I’ve worn sneakers more this month than I have outside of the gym in my whole life. Very into it.

4. 64oz Hydroflask. Is it TMI if I say I only feel healthy when things are “running clear?” If I’m not making frequent trips to the bathroom, I’m off. I bought this water bottle when I was pregnant for the first time to be sure I drank enough water and have yet to find a better motivation than this enormous bottle. It keeps cold liquids freezing for 12+ hours so I can keep it in the car and know just how much more water I need to drink in order to reach my goals for the day.

5. Sweet Laurel Double Chocolate Muffin Recipe. You guys know this cookbook changed my life. I haven’t eaten refined sugar since August and was on the hunt for delicious recipes that fit my lifestlye. Since the author has Hashimoto’s herself, I thought I’d give her cookbook a try. YOU GUYS. It’s such a blessing in my life. My sister is a baker and I’ve converted her to making these recipes exclusively-they’re that good! I make a treat from this cookbook once a week and these muffins made with flax-eggs instead of eggs has gotten a rave review from every single person I’ve baked them for.

6. Barefoot Dreams Robe. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know about my robe. My dearest, most treasured clothing item. Texas had a bit of a premature winter and putting this robe on after putting the kids to bed every night felt like slipping into a dream. I recommend it to everyone I know and apologize for how often I talk about it…but only sort of. Because it’s wonderful.

7. The Enneagram Made Easy. My friend Ashlee Gadd told me about this book when I first started diving into the Enneagram this summer. I didn’t feel “ready” to get the book because I didn’t know much about that whole world but after she sent me photos of a few pages in her book I ordered it immediately. O and I have enjoyed learning about our numbers- 6 (me) and 8 (him)- so much and this book is the best tiptoe into all things Enneagram.

8. Dew Skin Moisturizer. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve switched to all natural makeup and I found the most perfect tinted-moisturizer ever created. The Beauty Counter Dew Skin Moisturizer is compeltely natural and safe yet beats out my previous favorite tinted moisurizer of 8 years by a landslide. My skin looks so healthy and even with just a thin layer of this and bonus points for knowing I’m not harming my body in the process!

9. Lilys Vegan Dark Chocolate. Very few dark chocolates are dairy-free. Even fewer aren’t sweetened with refined sugar. This dark chocolate is completely vegan and sweetened with only a tiny bit of Stevia and it satisfies the late night cravings completely.

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