Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

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It’s time for my last gift guide of the year- stocking stuffers! I love a stocking, guys. It’s the first thing we open every Christmas morning and O and I still like to make them special for each other! I usually get the kids very little things like a deck of cards or beads or things like that, but I do try to make O’s stocking a balance of things he needs but would never think of, wants but would never buy and something just to make him smile. 

Prayers for Anxiety: I love the Daily Grace Company and these cards, along with other cards from the shop, make for the perfect gift. In this day and age, I know very few people who are completely free from anxiety. The problem is, many of us just “deal with it” or “accept it” as who we are or how we are but that’s simply not true. These cards contain a verse addressing anxiety and a prompt to move towards freedom in this area.

Velvet Hair Bow: I’ve swiped a bow or two from Keogena because they sweeten up every outfit! a low ponytail just begs for this and it would put a smile on anyones face.

Bushwick Kitchen Spicy Honey Trio: Okay you guys, stick with me here. I’m a honey fanatic as well as a spice fanatic and I would genuinely squeal if I found this shoved into my stocking. It’s that special thing you’d never ever purchase for yourself but would be thrilled to use.

Dead Sea Salt Soak: This eucalyptus + peppermint bath soak sounds so dreamy. I love doing things in a theme so I’d probably also add an eye mask, sheet mask or candle to push the relaxation theme.

Black Card Deck: I have a gold deck of playing cards and I enjoy them to keep out as decoration but this black deck is just stunning. Every time we whip out cards to play a game I realize I could use another deck so if that’s you too, this is the way to go.

XL Charging Cable: This is currently on sale and yet I still wouldn’t purchase it for myself-but I would be overjoyed to see this bad boy show up in my stocking. That feeling of trying to use your phone while it’s plugged in and you have about four inches to work with? Nothing more frustrating! I’ll be gifting this a few times over this year!

Skin Gym: I’ve wanted this for almost a year now but it’s one of those things that are just better to receive as a gift. If you’re not familiar with this strange looking contraption, it’s made to be rolled in upward strokes on the face to tone and firm skin, increase elasticity, reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines.

RMS Magic Luminizer: I think I’ve talked about this one too many times, but it’s one of three makeup products I use nearly every single day. I’ve gifted it so many times and it’s flattering on everyone!

Homesick Candle: This is another one I love to give, especially if someone just made a big move, lost a family member and are missing the place they grew up or is in college and needs a taste of home to take away.

Matches: So inexpensive but always a special touch to gift with a candle. I have these ‘Happy Day’ matches and keep it open on a stack of books to give a sneak peek of the blush matchstick tips.

City Field Guides: Another perfect gift for the one who recently made a move or is planning a trip. It’s also the best gift to announce a surprise trip like a weekend at an airbnb even just 30 minutes away.

Glass Straws: The most unnecessary purchase but the most wonderful gift. You know how much I love stainless steel straws, but these glass straws feel so fancy.

Aesop Lotion: This tube is so much more than hand lotion. It’s an accessory in itself.

Kosas Lipstick Trio: Kosas is the first all-natural lipstick I purchased and my favorite yet. While natural skincare is on the rise, people tend to be more hesitant to purchase natural makeup. I only wear clean makeup these days and lip products are the most important to switch!


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