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It’s Friday! I’ve gotta say, this week was a long one. O started coaching last weekend which means for the first time since becoming parents, O has a true 8-5 job outside of the house. We’re used to having breakfast as a family every day followed by family worship time and bible study. Aside from the days he’d have site visits or trips, the normal routine was that our morning family time lingered however long it needed to and he finished work around 4. I knew I could often pop into his office or our room to see him midday and no matter what, that the second daddy got home, the kids would be able to play like crazy until dinnertime. For the next few months, this won’t be the case and the transition period has been quite the shift. 

Here are a few things that have been an encouragement, entertainment, help or joy to me in this new normal:

1. Why I’m starting with slippers I’m not quite sure, but I’m staring at them and truly thinking of how much joy they bring me. Slippers are my favorite. I’ve only worn Ugg slippers for years and years but these $20 Target ones are just the best! My feet tend to get hot in slippers so these are my very favorite yet. The grey version is equally wonderful.

2. Since I’m not quite ready to leave the slipper topic yet, I got these ones for the kids off Amazon and they’re ridiculously happy about them. Kids slippers are another thing I don’t want to shell out much for, but I also don’t want them to disintegrate after a couple weeks so these ones check all the boxes by being durable, having a hard sole and being super cute.

3. I’ve so enjoyed listening to the ‘Help Me Teach the Bible’ podcast with Nancy Guthrie. I’m not a Bible teacher, but my heart is for the Bible and to know God’s Word better every day. The conversations are entertaining and conviction but ultimately, they always leave me wanting to dive into the text deeper and know Him more. If you want a chore to race by, turn on a podcast that fires you up!

4. You guys know how much I love my smoothies. On crazy days like these, a smoothie can be the easiest way to make sure we get all the good stuff. I try to always make sure they’re balanced and nutrient packed rather than just full of sugar…but sometimes it winds up being a treat rather than fuel. Listening to Kelly LeVeque break down the science behind her Fab 4 smoothie recipes always reminds me why it’s essential to have a clean protein, good fat, fiber and leafy green in every smoothie. Here are a ton of her recipes rounded up that I highly recommend as a reference!

5. I still get lots of questions about these lunchboxes and they’re still a favorite! I’ve had to use them more often this week for parking lot picnics and still recommend them to everyone. They’re BPA free and dishwasher safe- SOLD.

6. I don’t have any specific one to link here, but cards. Go to Target or Papersource or your kid’s construction paper collection and get/make a card. O and I used to write each other cards like crazy. For all the big reasons and for no reason at all we’d put pen to paper for each other. We still write cards for the big things, and for spontaneous things here and there but I can’t tell you how special it is to find a card in a spot you frequent when you’re not getting much face-to-face time with your person. I slip cards into his backpacks for him to find at work or on the airplane and it’s a true gift to us. Far better than a text. If you think this is weird, please do it and tell me!

7. This  Advent Devotional has been such a gift to me so far. Each day is right on time and the Lord is doing such a deep work in my heart through it. It’s completely free and just shows up in my inbox every morning- I highly recommend!

8. A ball. Any ball. When we’re all tired of being cooped up that means it’s time to bundle up and get outside with a ball of any kind. It’s no match for daddy’s “fighting game” they look forward to all day, but it does get the wiggles out and always lightens up hard moments where I feel I might scream- you know the ones.

I hope you have a weekend filled with memory making, Christmas movie watching, Advent celebrating, healthy treat eating and snuggles galore. We’ll be counting down the days til O gets home over here but I’ve got some fun things up my sleeve! Happy Friday, friends.

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