Everything I Packed for a Weekend in San Francisco

I shared this IGTV on Friday of my magic packing tip and got so many questions about specific things in my suitcase. Ask and you shall receive, friends. Here is everything I brought in my carry on for a quick getaway to San Francisco.

The purpose of this trip was to celebrate the engagement of one of our favorite people so it was split in three parts: resting, walking/reminiscing and spending quality time with friends. For both Friday and Saturday night, we’d hop in the rental car and make the 1.5 hour drive to Troy to laugh and eat and dance and enjoy. It was such a beautiful weekend. I received lots of questions about the contents of my carryon (especially the trench, coral dress and toiletry case) so here is every single thing I brought with me.

First things first: My favorite carryon ever for years is the ‘Away Bigger Carry-On.‘ This is essential for my packing success. I realize that’s dramatic but I’m sticking to it.

I bought my purse secondhand here and they constantly have the absolute best selection and highest quality. An enormous investment but Celine has the best resale value and I hang onto mine forever.

My trench is sold out in this mustard shade but the green color is my true favorite. For my fellow tall girls, the length on this is unreal.

This striped tee has my favorite fit and for $39 it’s just a win.

These are my favorite Converse style lately.

This dress is-deep breath-almost fully sold out in this color but the white is equally incredible.

My go-to travel day outfit will pretty much always be my favorite sweatsuit. I always give a warning to say this is a pricey set but if you’ve known me for the past five years, you know this gets worn every week. (I wear a size 3 in top and bottom.)

My shoes are sold out from Gap but here are other favorite shearling slides:

last things: this toiletry case is a game changer. I love being able to hang it up on a towel hook and the fact that I can store so many things while being able to keep them all separate. And there were lots of questions about my perfume: This is the only perfume I’ve worn for three years because it’s non-toxic, smells incredible and doesn’t give me a headache.

these are the sunglasses in the opening photo.

It should be said that I wore a beautiful brown dress for the party but it’s old and sold out so there’s no point in linking it. However, I paired it with my new favorite heels and those need a shout out all their own. You guys, these are quite possibly the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. I wore them from 5:30-2:30am and danced all night without so much as a sore toe. Consider this a five star review.

(I also packed two other outfits that are fully sold out so I’ll spare you the heartache.)

The city had a bit more charm when I first moved there all starry eyed and it looked like endless possibility. I moved to San Francisco the second semester of my Freshman year of college. When O and I got married my Junior year, we started spending his football season in Virginia and the second semester of my school year in The Bay. We loved being able to go back to Mamas for french toast or to grab red beans and rice from Brendas. We loved taking a cab down to Nob Hill and going back to our boxing gym. But soon, we started to see more of its cracks and flaws than its shine.

In the years since I graduated college and we gave up even our half year in the city, it had lost all its glimmer. I will always love Los Gatos-where I spent my high school years, and Palo Alto-where O spent his college years. Big Sur is a place we’ll always return back to and Carmel will keep us returning to Northern California as well, but San Francisco-as special as it will always be to us-has a different, sadder feel lately. It’s harder and harder to go back but I’m so glad we had this incredible weekend with people we love.

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