Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021| The One For Everyone

Gift guides are my love language. We know this. For whatever reason, men’s gift guides are my favorite because they seem to be the most helpful. This is the first of a few gift guides-The Gift Guide For Everyone. No matter who is on your list-whether it be your husband who could use just a little more alone time or your dad who loves leisure or your brother who loves tech or your sports obsessed father-in-law…this gift guide has your back.

1. The Theragun Mini. I told O he should get this years ago and he laughed it off assuring me he hasn’t needed those since he played and the lacrosse ball worked out all the aches and knots just fine. Fast forward to now- guess what he’s getting this year. I’m investing in the full size version because I’m married to a man who lists boxing, yoga and long distance running in his top hobbies and has the knots to match it, but this mini one packs a punch and is guaranteed to be a win.

2. Blazers. These are classic and clean and feel special without being flashy.

3. Neck and Back Massager with Heat You know how I feel about this. I’m right there with nearly 30K Amazon reviewers saying absolutely yes to this thing. There isn’t a dad (or human) on the planet who won’t fall in love with this thing.

4. Yeti Mug. I have the tumblr size of this but became just a little bit attached (okay, a lot a bit) while staying at my parent’s house last month. It’s the perfect size and will keep his beverage of choice hot-like hot hot-for hours. Bonus: you can steal it.

5. Best of Goldbelly for 3 Months. If there’s anything on this list i wish I were gifted, it’s this. I personally use Goldbelly to surprise O with some of the best vegan food in the country and the father in your life is sure to be straight up overjoyed to be gifted not just any food, but the best of the best.

6. Larq Bottle. This bottle has a self cleaning purifying UV light that runs every two hours to ensure it is cleaner than clean. I can’t think of a more perfect gift for a man with germs on the brain.

7. Vintage Board Game Bookshelf Edition. If games are important to him, why not update them to a special edition and jot down dates to play each?

8. The Gift of Masterclass. This one is on O’s wishlist. There is truly a class for everyone and this is another one I’d bid on myself.

9. The Robe. I own this robe. I love this robe. I get asked about this robe constantly. It’s essentially the baby of a giant hoodie and a towel-somehow the perfect weight and of course crafted by the Canadian geniuses behind Reigning Champ. It’s almost always sold out but it’s currently stocked in all three colors!

10. Oculous Quest 2 Virtual Reality. I got this for O for Father’s Day last year thinking it was a win for him but my goodness, it has been SO much fun for both of us. Many of our quarantine date nights involved playing games with this and I can’t recommend it enough.

11. Ooni Gas Powered Pizza Oven. This thing may be the most popular gift of the year and I’ve seen it in action-this is incredible. You’d have a weekly pizza night set for the rest of your days, what could be better than that?

12. A Classic Hat. For just around ten bucks, you can give the gift of “favorite hat ever.”

13. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. Another one you know how O feels about. He has been a champion of these headphones for nearly 5 years and raves about them to everyone who will listen listing them as one of his top three essentials. Nearly every ‘GQ 10 Things I Can’t Live Without” I’ve seen has featured them as well.

Happy gifting, friends!

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