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Based on your emails, DM’s and comments, I know some of you out there are in a relationship with a fancy man. If he has alarms set for sneaker releases, regularly watches and reads GQ content, googles Lebron’s game day style or has says out loud,”that’s a nice suit” when watching ESPN, you’ve likely got a fancy guy on your hands. These gifts have a higher price point and are sure to feel special and exciting for the guy in your life that values that sort of thing- if that’s your thing.

Let me repeat: the fancy list can also be known as the expensive list so don’t feel the need to even click on these items if that’s not what you’re interested in or if it’s not the space you’re currently in. Check out the Amazon list and the For Everyone list instead! Also, nearly everything on this list is from Mr. Porter which ships incredibly quickly and ships in a gorgeous box packaged so beautifully it looks like your gift is coming from the queen. Due to the pricey nature of these gifts, they tend to read more “spouse” than “father in law” or “cousin Jim” but you do you!

Okay. Lets get started.

1. Tom Ford Card Holder. This is sleek, simple and classic. It will last forever while keeping it’s value. It can be passed down which also feels like a special touch.

2. Air Jordan 1 Retro “Dark Mocha”. These are for the sneaker heads.

3. Blue Classima Automatic 42mm Stainless Steel Watch. This is as classic and timeless as it gets. This watch is an investment worth it’s weight in gold if a timepiece is something he values and takes great care of. The silver and blue truly go with everything from a brown suit to a black hoodie and jeans.

4. Reigning Champ Hoodie. This is one of our favorite brands and we’re forever loyal to it. The quality is impeccable for the price.

5. Reigning Champ Sweats. Same.

6. Tom Ford Recycled Ocean Plastic Watch. This watch is a little bit more cool and unique rather than the elegant, classic style above and comes in under 1K which is incredibly rare. The strap makes it casual and elevated at the same time and owning a Tom Ford timepiece is so special.

7. Gucci Hoodie. This is for the label fanatic. O isn’t a huge fan of brand labels so I stick to neutral, brandless items for him but this is so much fun and makes a great statement while being super comfortable. (I mean, c’mon. It’s a hoodie.)

8. Disney x Gucci. If your guy is a kid at heart, this one is for him.

9. Transparent Speaker. This gift is for the homebody and music lover. If you love entertaining/he spends a lot of time in his office/plays music all.the.time-this is the gift for you.

10. Common Project Sneakers. It doesn’t get more classic than these. These sneakers are the universally perfect gift for every man. They look great with truly everything (pro tip: this brand is a great dupe that I love for O.)

11. Gucci Carry-All. This bag is a winner. Maybe he travels for work, maybe you travel often as a family, maybe you have a big trip coming up for the first time in a while. Gucci luggage is my favorite for men because it looks cool and classic but is incredible practical. O’s Gucci luggage has been thrown all over the world and only looks better with age. Plus-if you want to sell it down the line, it holds and almost increases in value over time.

12. Three Piece Shaving Set. This is for the extra, super-duper, over the top fancy guy. The one who has his barber on speed dial. The one with the skincare routine that rivals your own. The one who says things like “aaahhhh, there’s nothing like a good shave.” If he’s a little bit old-fashioned and a lotta-bit bougie, here you go.

Favorite Places to Shop for the Fancy One:

Lululemon for the fancy fitness lover (or at least Athleisure lover)

Nordstrom because you can’t beat their return policy. They have everything from sunglasses to sneakers and pretty much everything can be returned or exchanged without breaking a sweat.

East Dane has curated one of the best men’s boutiques I’ve ever seen and most of O’s wardrobe has come from here.

Mr. Porter: the greatest men’s luxury boutique on the planet, hands down.

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